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Change in employee evaluations

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Develop Part I of a comprehensive plan to implement an organization change.

I have chosen an issue from Walgreens and want to create a plan for a proposed change to resolve the issue. The one I have chosen is the way employee evaluations are done. Right now they are done once a year and I was thinking about making it four times a year and adding peer reviews. The way it is done right now is not fair to many employees. If you have a manager that is not considered to be fair they can ruin your chances of being promoted or even getting a yearly raise since they are now based on these reviews. The employee has very little involvement in these evaluations.

This is a three part response and I was wondering if you could help me on any of these parts. Part I of your plan focuses on assessment of the change issue and planning for the proposed change.

- Examine the need in the organization for your proposed change.
- Examine organizational and individual barriers to your proposed change.
- Identify factors that might influence your proposed change.
- Summarize factors influencing organizational readiness for your proposed change.
- Identify the theoretical model that relates to your proposed change.
- Identify internal and external resources available to support your change initiative.

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The changes in employee evaluations are determined.

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Part I of a comprehensive plan to implement an organization change.


The need at Walgreens for the proposed change includes but is not limited to:
There is a need to revise the manner in which employees' performances are conducted at Walgreens. It simply is an unfair system if reviews are conducted once per year-there is one chance. So in essence; if a manager maliciously, for unwarranted reasons, gives an employee (subordinate) a negative review; this will possibly ruin the employee's chances of being promoted or getting a raise and the employee's voice goes 'unheard'. Additionally, what about newer employees? Should they not be reviewed more often and extensively? (e.g., every 3 months). As such, a major overhaul is being proposed to show that the system is flawed; and that one annual review is inadequate for reasons including but not limited to:

Organizational and individual barriers to the proposed change include but are not limited to:
- Management not cognizant of the proper and more effective way to conduct an appraisal; therefore believes the way in which they are currently conducted is just fine.
- Lack of appreciation and for the concept of employee satisfaction and engagement by management.
- Little to no participation, empathy and care by direct managers and supervisors in employees' matters and concerns.
- Stubbornness from management due to time constraints and resistance to changing the 'old ways of doing things.'
- Lack of communication and cooperation between head of departments.
- Ambiguous, unclear format of conveying the proposed change to management
- Lack of communication and empathy between and for management and employees
- Organization prefers to reward stability more than change; seniority more than performance; and job size more than skill development (Obisi, 2011; Weiner, 2009).
- Demotivating factors, distractors and overall lack of confidence that proposed change is achievable and will make a positive difference.
- Setting of annual performance goals and job description systems that are resistant to change (Obisi, 2011).
- Organization not wanting to 'waste more time' on more reviews
- Focus is more on productivity-and not on employees' well-being and happiness

Factors that influence the proposed change include but are not limited to:
- How well one can convince the organization that for most organizations and individuals, goals and objectives cannot be appropriately be accomplished by a 'once per year' performance appraisals (should be at 4 times per year as this proposal change plan recommends).
- More regular and engaging (from both parties) performance appraisal have ...

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