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    Evaluation, Measurement and Research Methods

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    Changes in the healthcare setting

    Please help answer the following questions. Discuss some changes that have been implemented recently in a health care work setting. Which principles of planned change helped its success? When thinking of the same change, which principles of planned change were not used and could have increased its success?

    research report

    If you could examine only three parts of a quantitative research report, what would those sections be? What is your rationale for those three being the most important? What about a qualitative research report, what would those sections be? What is your rationale for those three being the most important?

    Ethical Research Violation Scenario

    Elderly male undergoes treatment for prostate cancer. Several days later the man experiences pain and medical problems related to his earlier treatment. The man was unwittingly a research subject. He gave no consent for participation in the study.

    The Evaluation Process

    The CDC notes how program evaluation can be used to plan effective health interventions, improve existing programs, and demonstrate "the results of resource investments," (CDC, 2001). In order to know what is working, it is essential to conduct an evaluation of a program, recognizing that different forms of evaluation provide di

    Qualitative Research Strategies

    Qualitative vs Quantitative data collection Ethnology is the study of the division of humankind based upon race, ethnicity, origins, or characterizations as found in natural settings. Keeping this definition of ethnology in mind, create an observational checklist, containing at least 10 items, to examine people within a socia

    Statistics in Health Care

    Please explain and enlighten me on what are some situations for which a mean would not be appropriate? Give some examples. What are when have you heard or seen statistics used inappropriately?

    Research Methods in Public Health, Polls, & Sample Selection.

    In newspaper and magazine articles, polls are frequently quoted, especially around election time. Based on the information there is available regarding sample selection, discuss how some polls can be strongly shaped to achieve a specific outcome. Also, have you/someone you know ever been polled? If not, why do you think that is?

    Education for health care professionals is assessed.

     How much responsibility to prepare health care professionals to function effectively belongs to educational programs outside of schools as compared to hiring organizations? How might programs and organizations reduce the educational gaps between programs and employers?

    Incidence Rate and Exposures

    A research is student is interested at looking at a certain effect of a drug. He has database with 15 year worth of information. He intends to measure the risk by using incidence rate. To get the exposure in terms of person-years he multiplies the number of people in the cohort by 15. Does this under or overestimates exposure?

    Xray machine benefits are posed.

    Provide benefits for a healthcare organization's purchase of a new xray machine. Please provide the cost of the new machine and possible profits from the capital purchase.

    The Ramifications of a Poorly Written Paper

    Could you please help with the following: Suppose you submit a poorly written paper for a scientific meeting, or a paper with some ethical problems. Are you the only one affected by this? Who (or what) else could be affected?

    GAAP Generally Accepted Accounting Principles

    Please define general accepted accounting principles and discuss in relation to healthcare. No need to describe each principle. Just need a summary of what GAAP is and relate it to health care.

    The opportunity costs of computer simulators are examined.

      â?¢ Research a capital purchase, costing more than $5,000, which your company could benefit from like the sim man for a teaching lab. â?¢ Identify the management goals that expenditure would support. Management goals might include revenue, improvement, productivity, quality assurance, employee development, or management

    The Financial Statement Debate

    What has been your exposure to your organizationâ??s financial statements? Who in your organization might provide you with your organizationâ??s financial statements? What is the information used for?

    Ethical Research and Communications

    Could you please help with the following: Discuss at least three ethical considerations regarding research and its presentation. Include a section discussing the mechanisms in place for the monitoring and ensuring ethical practice. Refer to at least 5 credible sources

    The logic model for program evaluation

    The logic model for program evaluation. Proponents of this method favor this model because it encourages systematic thinking and planning. Because this approach requires input at the planning, implementation, and evaluation stages, it provides a focus and consistency throughout all phases of the public health program. By usi

    Diagnose endocrine problems.

    Describe the diagnostic laboratory test used to diagnose endocrine problems explaining these terms 1. Glucose Tolerance test 2. Insulin Tolerance test 3. Protein-bound iodine 4. fasting blood sugar 5. Thyroid function test 6. Total Calcium

    Median and a mean as descriptive statistics

    Explain when you would use a median and a mean as your descriptive statistic to analyze the data obtained from this instrument? Or are these two descriptive statistics interchangeable?

    Research Methods in Health Science

    Identify one article that discusses research in your field of study of Health Sciences. In your initial post you must indicate: Area of Health Science APA formatted reference for article Problem that is the focus of the research Type: professional journal, print media (newspaper or magazine article hardcopy or web

    Need hypothesis vs research question/research statement

    Is this a research question or research statement? Does this qualify as a hypothesis? What is the the Dependent Variable and Independent Variable in this article title? "Reducing Central Venous Catheter-Related Bloodstream Infections in Children with Cancer"