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Analyzing Health Organizations

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â?¢ Describe how performance and quality measures are aligned to an organizationâ??s mission, vision, and strategic plan in general.

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And organization's performance and quality measures are very closely aligned to an organization's mission, vision, and strategic plan. The performance and quality measures an organization uses in order to measure or gauge the quality of its services, processes, and efficiency, will give decision-makers key indicators as to the extent to which their organization's progress is in line with the stated mission, ...

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Health care organization

Please help me get started with this assignment:

Part I - The Organization

Without revealing proprietary information, please describe (St. Joseph's Health Center (in about 1/2 a page).

Part II - What do you think?

In your organization there are of course groups. In about 3 pages, please explain:

Which of the following benefits (choose only one) is most salient and how does it affect the organization?

Increased creativity, problem-solving and innovation

Higher quality decisions

Improved processes

Increased quality

Improved communication

Reduced turnover and absenteeism and increased employee morale

Which of the following limitations (choose only one) is most salient, and how does it affect the organization?

Group think

Social loafing

Quality concerns



Any help will be much appreciated. Thank you.

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