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    Evaluation, Measurement and Research Methods

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    Children and gun safety

    Children and gun safety. Variables: firearm safety training and safe firearm storage how are they operationalized firearm safety training # of classes parents have attended safe firearm storage # of places that firearms are stored and considered safe

    Extraneous Variables

    When dealing with extraneous variables what types of subject controls can be used?

    Study design types are defined.

    Can you describe the study design of experimental and quasi-experimental? What is the difference? Are there any examples to relate this to?

    Internal validity - threat

    What would be a threat to internal validity? What is an example? Validity in research study design usually refers to the tools used to measure aspects of the research question, for example a questionnaire is used in survey design and is said to have 'internal validity' if the questions are precise enough to get answers which

    Research Question and Purpose Statement

    I need to come up with a purpose and question for the study below: Problem: The lack of clinical sites in hospital settings does not provide sufficient opportunity for students to utilize learned skill sets in providing patient care.

    Clinical Services

    WHAT IF ---You have recently been hired to improve the quality of services at a healthcare organization. Your supervisor would like to hear about your plans for improvement. In particular she wants you to send her an email answering the following question: What are the advantages and disadvantages of process and outcome

    Personality types and empathy levels

    I am a doctoral student. I am doing a research project where I have data from 2 questionnaires. This first questionnaire assesses the personality types of audiologists (four general categories). The second questionnaire assess the levels of empathy of each individual who took the first questionnaire. I am trying to determine

    Compiling and presenting a rigorous literature review

    Many students find it difficult to write a rigorous literature review, which is an essential starting point for any study. They can often identify papers and write a brief description of what they are about, but omit some important points. They do not understand the purpose of the review for their particular study so are too

    Understanding Frames of Reference in research

    Students and novice researchers often find it difficult to construct a Frame of reference ( sometimes known as a research framework or algoithm) because they do not understand the purpose of the Framework or its derivation. This solution sets out the purposes of Frames of Reference, both theoretical and conceptual and

    Differences betweenTheoretical and Conceptual Frames of Reference

    Students and novice researchers often have difficulty in constructing a Frame of Reference for their study. This is an essential element in the research process as it links the study to the wider body of knowledge involved and helps to clarify the concepts and theories used with reference to the chosen research methods. This so

    Community Assessment - Web-based Public Health Evaluation

    I need help with locating the following information: 1. Standard Community health assessment of vital statistics, e.g. mortality, economics, education health clinics, ages, birth/death rates. 2. I have a web site for the town of Middletown, New York (USA) for the assessment. The assessment would be all web based and prepa

    The Lead concentrations in water

    I'm in dire need of help with a reaserch project asap My hypothesis is: The lead concentrations in water travelling through lead pipes is greater when the taps are first opened than after they have ran for some time My problem is 1. when can i expect the concentrations to lower so i can be more specific in my hypothes

    Research Study for Casual Relationships

    What is necessary to establish a causal relationship? Briefly explain how I would set up a research study to determine that a reduction in lean body mass is causing a decrease in max VO2. (I am assuming that part of it could be that if there is a decrease in lean body mass there is less oxygen required)

    Steps to establish an instruments validity

    A high tech computer company asks me to validate a wrist mounted device to measure exercise energy expenditure. So the individual exhales one breath into the top of the instrument while exercising. The device's electronic components and microproccor analyze expired air to compute oxygen consumption and energy expenditure. How