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Treating patients who are phobic and afraid to leave

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Jerilyn Ross, a New York City psychologist, specializes in treating patients who are phobic and afraid to leave their homes. The following table indicates how many patients Dr. Ross has seen each year for the past ten years. It also indicates what the robbery rate was in New York City during the same year.

1 36 58.3
2 33 61.6
3 40 73.4
4 41 75.7
5 40 81.1
6 55 89.0
7 60 101.1
8 54 94.8
9 58 103.3
10 61 116.2

a. Using trend analysis (regression over time), how many patients do you think Dr. Ross will see in years 11, 12, and 13?
b. How well does the model fit the data? The model data follows the trend line closely over time.
c. Apply linear regression to study the relationship between the crime rate and Dr. Ross's patient load. Determine the regression equation.

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a. Using Excel (file attached) to find the trendline, we have:

Hence Patient = ...

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