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Evaluation, Measurement and Research Methods

Assessing an Academic Article

Please help me write a literature review in an account of the following article. I wish to convey to my reader the significant works that have been published by the New England Journal of Medicine, and what their strengths and weaknesses are. See the following reference: Orentlicher, D. (2013). The FDA's Graphic Tobacco Wa

Evaluation of a Smoking Cessiation Program

I am doing a huge paper on the opening of a smoking cessation program in Tucson called Freedom Smoke Arizona. I need to do this paper on evaluations to show the CEO of the company why this program is working and how it will work in the future. Most of my evaluations are qualitative through surveys. I am not asking to do the pape

Qualitative Evaluation

I need help with the following problem. Please provide a reference as well. What is qualitative evaluation and why would it be used to assess intervention programs?

Qualitative Criterion and Smoking Cessation

Write one qualitative criterion and its standard for a smoking cessation program evaluation paper. What are the differences in preparation for analysis of qualitative and quantitative data? How do these differences affect the evaluation method and outcomes?

Smoking Cessation Evaluation

- Explain why a needs assessment was performed at the beginning phases of program development. - Examine the role of the needs assessment in your evaluation plan. - Recommend an appropriate evaluation design/model for your program. - Identify data collection sources for your program based on your reading. What information wil

Disseminating results and evaluation

1. Describe your strategy for disseminating the results of a project to key stakeholders and to the greater health community. (Project: reducing childhood obesity with diet and exercise) 2. Discuss methods to evaluate the effectiveness of your proposed solution and variables to be assessed when evaluating the project outcomes

Smoking Cessation

I have chosen a health care delivery or educational program which is smoking cessation. I am writing a huge paper that will go on for weeks and I could use some direction in the following areas. Please include any references you may use. - Identify program goals and objectives, if available. If the program does not have exist

Research participants and IRB

Why were institutional review boards established? What, if any, special considerations must be made for children, pregnant women, and prisoners who are asked to participate in a research study? Would military personnel be considered vulnerable?

The Purpose for Program Evaluation

Need help with a paper where we examine the purpose for program evaluation and why it can be useful to an organization. - Identify and describe two formative and two summative program evaluation models. - Select one additional program evaluation model from your readings and describe it. Please include any references and

The Role of a Program Evaluator

What is the role of a program evaluator? Why is the selection of an evaluator important to program evaluation? Describe some issues with each of the following types of evaluators: - Internal evaluators - Government or regulatory evaluators - Private research firm evaluators How might these issues affect evaluation?

Models and Theories

(3 pages in length) summarizing your findings on evidence-based strategies specific to the health behavior. The following items will be assessed in particular: Describe your program's overall goal and at least two 1 learning objective and 1 behavioral objective for your specific target population. Your objectives must be s

Four Steps of the Entrepreneurial Process

Four Steps of the Entrepreneurial Process: Deciding to become an entrepreneur Developing successful business ideas Moving from an idea to an entrepreneurial firm Managing and growing the entrepreneurial firm Rank the importance of each element in the entrepreneurial process. i. Explain why you have placed the elemen

The research methodologies used in the health sciences

Why is it important to use the research methodologies in the research process? Provide one example of using the research process in your workplace or personal life. Explain the different types of research methodologies used in the health sciences. How would you apply one of these research methods in your places of workplace?

Identifying Commonalities

Why is it important to identify commonalities across several studies with regard to study findings and the types of patients to which study findings can be applied?

Clinicians and Current Research

Patients surf the Web, watch TV, and are becoming better informed about health issues. Clinicians are so busy in the workplace, it is almost impossible to stop for in-services and budgets are so tight it is hard to send them to seminars. How can clinicians stay current with the latest research?

Research Methodology: The Impact of Swine Flu on Tourism in the United States

As our world become increasingly complex, the need for critical thinkers and researchers increase. People want to understand certain changes in their world and phenomena as it occurs. The academic community requires that some type of theory be linked to any type of understanding used to explain certain occurrences. Gray (2004) n

Causes of Mortality in the US

Mortality rates, and particularly cause-specific mortality rates, are among the most important measures of a population's health status. How these rates change over time shows which diseases are being controlled and which are becoming more serious threats. Gather data about cause-specific mortality rates for the U.S. populati

The Peer Review System.

Despite the speed with which electronic manuscripts can be transported and edited with track changes, the peer review process continues to predominantly send copies of original manuscripts by postal mail and the reviewers still use copy editing marks. Why do you suppose this is so?

Journal and database search engines and public search engines

Discuss the similarities between your library's online journal and database search engines and public search engines like Google, Scholar or Web of Science. Are there some journals or databases that you cannot find? What other resources are available? Would you consider the sources that you find through Google Scholar credible?

Change in employee evaluations

Develop Part I of a comprehensive plan to implement an organization change. I have chosen an issue from Walgreens and want to create a plan for a proposed change to resolve the issue. The one I have chosen is the way employee evaluations are done. Right now they are done once a year and I was thinking about making it four ti

Randomized Control Trial Overview

A study is planned to assess the effect of a new surgical intervention for gallbladder disease. One hundred patients with gallbladder disease will be randomly assigned to receive either the new surgical intervention or the standard surgical intervention. The efficacy of the new surgical intervention will be measured by the tim

Public Health Pancreatic Cancer Study

An investigator wants to assess whether smoking is a risk factor for pancreatic cancer. Electronic medical records at a local hospital will be used to identify fifty patients with pancreatic cancer. One hundred patients who are similar but free of pancreatic cancer will also be selected. Each participant's medical record will

PICO Question: Active Duty Soldiers and Sleep Disorders

My proposed clinical question is: Do active duty soldiers receiving sleep hygiene screening and follow resources from nurses in military primary care clinics experience improved sleep quality and duration? What I envision is that during the intake for a primary care appointment the nurse ask the patient about the duration and

Role of Program Evaluation

What is the role of program evaluation in the development of programs and strategies for addressing public health issues?