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    Evaluation, Measurement and Research Methods

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    Evaluating Existing Research Methodologies

    In this question you will evaluate existing methodologies. Evaluate the methodology used to conduct the research in the below articles (see below). How has this problem or question been studied in the past? in your opinion , What methodology would be most useful in addressing this research problem or question,why? Aschi

    Important Indicators of Quality

    What is important when deciding to set up some system to measure important indicators of quality? What might be some pitfalls, issues or possible contention that might come up when measurements are proposed in an area? How do you determine what is important to measure in an organization?

    Statistical Process Control (SPC)

    What is Statistical Process Control (SPC)? How might it be used, or is being used, in healthcare? What tools other than control charts are used in SPC?

    Identifying Different Elements within Research

    Identify and answer the following question for both articles linked below. - What was the research question? - What were the independent variables? - What was the dependent variable? - What was the sample size and how was it chosen? - What was the experimental design and use of control group? - Were the instruments of

    Organizational Barrier

    What are organizational barriers that may inhibit a successful research utilization proposal from being implemented?

    Statistical analyses

    a. List the statistical procedures used to describe the sample. b. Was the level of significance or alpha identified? If so, indicate the level (.05, .01, or .001). c. Complete the table below with the analysis techniques conducted in the study: 1) Identify the purpose (description, relationships, or differences) of each an

    Family nursing research

    What implications do research methodologies have for families who are the subjects of research? Discuss the challenges that exist in implementing research findings in family nursing as evidenced based care. What improvements need to be made?

    Assisted Living Luxury Home SWOT Analysis

    I am in the hospital and having a hard time concentrating on this assignment and could use some help with it. Attached is the first part of the plan already done. Please include any references you use. The organization is a made up one so I have been going on the models of other Assisted living homes. Complete an environmental

    Reliability and Validity of Data Collection

    Discuss why you need to be aware of the reliability and validity of the data collection tool that you are using in the quantitative research project. Discuss why you want to ensure the reliability and validity of the data collection tool that you are using in a qualitative research project.

    Stragetic Plan for Opening Assisted Living Homes

    I am researching assisted living homes and considering how a strategic plan can be designed for 3 to 5 years or more years of usage. I need help with the following. Please include any references. This will be a large three home apartment type complex - one for men, one for women, and one for couples. Many amenities for the clien

    Strategic Planning Development and Implementation Process

    I need help with a paper I am writing on the following. Please include any references you use. The leader of a local health care organization, Ken Janowski, has noticed other health care organizations successfully incorporating strategic management practices. Ken is considering using strategic management for his health care or

    Assessing an Academic Article

    Please help me write a literature review in an account of the following article. I wish to convey to my reader the significant works that have been published by the New England Journal of Medicine, and what their strengths and weaknesses are. See the following reference: Orentlicher, D. (2013). The FDA's Graphic Tobacco Wa

    Evaluation of a Smoking Cessiation Program

    I am doing a huge paper on the opening of a smoking cessation program in Tucson called Freedom Smoke Arizona. I need to do this paper on evaluations to show the CEO of the company why this program is working and how it will work in the future. Most of my evaluations are qualitative through surveys. I am not asking to do the pape

    Qualitative Evaluation

    I need help with the following problem. Please provide a reference as well. What is qualitative evaluation and why would it be used to assess intervention programs?

    Qualitative Criterion and Smoking Cessation

    Write one qualitative criterion and its standard for a smoking cessation program evaluation paper. What are the differences in preparation for analysis of qualitative and quantitative data? How do these differences affect the evaluation method and outcomes?

    Smoking Cessation Evaluation

    - Explain why a needs assessment was performed at the beginning phases of program development. - Examine the role of the needs assessment in your evaluation plan. - Recommend an appropriate evaluation design/model for your program. - Identify data collection sources for your program based on your reading. What information wil

    Disseminating results and evaluation

    1. Describe your strategy for disseminating the results of a project to key stakeholders and to the greater health community. (Project: reducing childhood obesity with diet and exercise) 2. Discuss methods to evaluate the effectiveness of your proposed solution and variables to be assessed when evaluating the project outcomes

    Smoking Cessation

    I have chosen a health care delivery or educational program which is smoking cessation. I am writing a huge paper that will go on for weeks and I could use some direction in the following areas. Please include any references you may use. - Identify program goals and objectives, if available. If the program does not have exist

    Research participants and IRB

    Why were institutional review boards established? What, if any, special considerations must be made for children, pregnant women, and prisoners who are asked to participate in a research study? Would military personnel be considered vulnerable?

    The Purpose for Program Evaluation

    Need help with a paper where we examine the purpose for program evaluation and why it can be useful to an organization. - Identify and describe two formative and two summative program evaluation models. - Select one additional program evaluation model from your readings and describe it. Please include any references and

    The Role of a Program Evaluator

    What is the role of a program evaluator? Why is the selection of an evaluator important to program evaluation? Describe some issues with each of the following types of evaluators: - Internal evaluators - Government or regulatory evaluators - Private research firm evaluators How might these issues affect evaluation?

    Models and Theories

    (3 pages in length) summarizing your findings on evidence-based strategies specific to the health behavior. The following items will be assessed in particular: Describe your program's overall goal and at least two 1 learning objective and 1 behavioral objective for your specific target population. Your objectives must be s

    Four Steps of the Entrepreneurial Process

    Four Steps of the Entrepreneurial Process: Deciding to become an entrepreneur Developing successful business ideas Moving from an idea to an entrepreneurial firm Managing and growing the entrepreneurial firm Rank the importance of each element in the entrepreneurial process. i. Explain why you have placed the elemen

    The research methodologies used in the health sciences

    Why is it important to use the research methodologies in the research process? Provide one example of using the research process in your workplace or personal life. Explain the different types of research methodologies used in the health sciences. How would you apply one of these research methods in your places of workplace?

    Identifying Commonalities

    Why is it important to identify commonalities across several studies with regard to study findings and the types of patients to which study findings can be applied?