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    Statistical analyses

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    a. List the statistical procedures used to describe the sample.
    b. Was the level of significance or alpha identified? If so, indicate the level (.05, .01, or .001).
    c. Complete the table below with the analysis techniques conducted in the study:

    1) Identify the purpose (description, relationships, or differences) of each analysis technique.
    2) List the statistical procedures.
    3) List the statistics.
    4) Identify specific results.
    5) Provide specific probability value (p =)

    Please include one reference!

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    Note: This article has very few statistical procedures located (there is only one noted in the results). This was a quantitative study.

    a. The sample was randomized. 52 physicians were split into two groups to assess hand washing techniques based on the location of an alcohol based hand rub dispenser.
    b. alpha was not identified.
    c. Only one stat identified: ...

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    The statistical procedures used to describe the samples are listed. The level of significance or alpha identified are determined.