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    Assessing an Academic Article

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    Please help me write a literature review in an account of the following article. I wish to convey to my reader the significant works that have been published by the New England Journal of Medicine, and what their strengths and weaknesses are.

    See the following reference:
    Orentlicher, D. (2013). The FDA's Graphic Tobacco Warnings and the First Amendment. New England Journal of Medicine, 369(3), 204-206.

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    First, I would have to ask if you are required to use this article or if you selected it. The reason I ask is that this article represents a perspective or opinion, and not reflective of a peer-reviewed article that would provide credence to a journal of medicine. I'm not indicating that the article is bad, or doesn't represent fact, but it is a biased view of the situation and could be countered with an opposing view. Does that make sense?

    Beyond that, we can start putting the pieces together to create a literary review. I'm not sure how long your review is expected to be, but it could be as short as a few paragraphs, or as long as you want it to be.

    You might want to map out your paper ...

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