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    Social Capital and Technology

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    In social capital and and in light of today's technology, a person can use online technologies in order to gain access to information about available career opportunities, inclusive of research and employment options. Indeed, the speed of today's technology allows for active participation. Should there be a focus on the credibility of the resources?

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    The concern among scholars, as well as the interested public, is that there is a lot of information available to people of all ages. That being said there is indeed an issue of credibility with the increased access to information which includes resources such as blogs, articles, ebooks, websites, social media, and such.

    People predominantly use technology, such as the internet, to acquire information but there are those who use the internet primarily to promote and expose information whether credible or not.

    If I take the issue of whether someone should pursue an online degree or attend an actual university. Although online degrees have increased its popularity over the past decade, it is still advisable within the academic community to complete a degree at an actual physical institution if it is possible. A lot of professors use online sources such as Moodle to supplement their courses. Online courses usually lack that personal discussion that helps people to think more critically about topics. Of course there are discussion forums but I have found that people can be easily scrutinized when they have written something that is not understood by others. This can also happen with real conversations, however, the real time visual interaction strengthens the ...

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