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Competing through technology

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Competing Through Technology: Connectiveness Enhances HR Practices

Social networking helps people satisfy their need to stay connected, and now it also helps companies to enhance many of their HR practices including recruiting, training and development, scheduling and enhancing employee engagement. There are several examples of this use of social networking for HR practices. Macy's, for example, uses Twitter to post job openings and to reach out to recruit merchandise buyers laid off by other retailers who are closing their stores. IBM's on-boarding process, which is known as Succeeding@IBM, is used to help new employees learn about the company and reduce the feeling of being overwhelmed.

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Try and think of competing through technology by companies that strive towards increasing both their staff capital and profitability. For instance, the technology component offers businesses the variety of ways to connect with the public (local or global position of operations) to gaining new talent as well as increase the brand identity. Thus, the today's business operations utilizing technology to ...

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The solution discusses competing through technology. IBM's on-boarding process is analyzed.