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Evaluation, Measurement and Research Methods

Biostatistics and Statistical Methods for Human Health

This course is designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills in application, evaluation, analysis, and interpretation of biostatistical data used to inform public health programs, policy, and practice. View the online video, "Careers in Biostatistics." The video describes the education that a professional biostatistician

Program Evaluation Tools

Please read program evaluation methods developed by Robert Stake and Miriam Kluger. I have copy and pasted links related to each theory. I am trying to determine the strengths & weaknesses of each assessment tool. Can you answer each of the questions I have by responding to each? Provide your response below each individual qu

Utlization of Findings

What are some strategies that evaluators may use to increase the probability for the utilization of findings? Please include a reference so that I can expand on this topic. Thank you!

Disadvantage of Case Study Method

Question: Which of the following is one of the disadvantages of the case-study method? - Focus is placed upon several individuals at a time - Cause-and-effect links cannot be established - Only one technique is used to gather data - Provides very generalizable findings

Survey Research Questions

Survey research would be MOST appropriate for which of the following research questions? - The relationship between eye-hand coordination and number of tennis wins - The effectiveness of a weight management program for adolescents - Parents' attitudes towards sex education in schools - The relationship between manual de

Unstructured Questions

What are unstructured questions also known as? - Closed-ended questions - Open-ended questions - Difficult questions - Interview questions

The Importance of Program Evaluation Questions

How do poorly written evaluation questions affect the program evaluation report? What affect do poorly written evaluation questions have on analysis and the interpretation of results? Please include a reference so I can expand on this topic. Thank you!

Ethical Concerns in Program Evaluations

Please help answer the following problem regarding research methods. Also include a reference so that I can expand on this topic. Thank you! What are some ethical issues related to managing stakeholder influence in program evaluation? How do these issues affect program evaluation? How can an evaluator best manage these issues

10 Commandments of Data Collection

Which of the following is one of the Ten Commandments of data collection? Answer Make sure the data collection form is detailed and complex. Destroy original data when your study is finished. Rely on other people to collect or transfer data. To think about where you are getting the data. .

Choice of research evaluation tools

The choice of evaluation tools is as important as is the methodology. What tools have you seen used and how well did it work? Looking at a program or project evaluation, what tools were used? If you would have used a different tool to a project what would it have been and why?

Evaluation Question Development

Why do you think that the development of questions is so important to an evaluation? Can't we just use the same ones that we have heard others use? What would be bad about that situation? How long should it take from start to end?

Eliminating Bias in Healthcare Decision-Making

In the process of evaluating a program, process or project, who has the responsibility for developing the questions that are to be utilized in the evaluation? What might one build into this process to ensure bias elimination?

The Importance of Objectivity in Conducting Program Evaluations

You are the evaluator on a major project; you must ensure that the evaluation will be bias free. What are the steps that should be taken to ensure the bias is removed from the process for this project? Is it feasible to think that one can make an evaluation bias free? Why or why not?

Evaluation, Measurement and Research Methods - Data collection

When using untrained data collectors there are many factors to consider. But, I wonder...wouldn't you want to have these people trained before expecting quality control methods to overcome threats caused by these collectors? What do you think might be the potential for harm including loss of life or limb, to occur?

Evaluation Tools

Compare and contrast two different types of evaluation tools in relation to reliability, validity, and bias. How do you determine which tool best fits the needs of your evaluation? Please include a reference so that I can expand on this topic. Thank you!

Trained Data Collectors

What effect does improperly trained data collectors have on the data collection process? How do they affect the evaluation outcome? How can the evaluator overcome this threat to the data collection process? Please include a reference so that I can expand on this topic

Sequence Retrieval System

The author writes, Contestable results from SRS can also occur because information gathering in SRS entails a lot of time and labor. Inaccessibility of existing data makes proper sampling difficult hence researchers end up with cheap faulty data that are used hastily resulting in inaccurate output whose validity is questionable.

Standard Sampling

Problems can occur when standards are not carefully planned, identifying factors that must be excluded due to the limitations of the measure compared to the standard. Many of us in healthcare have found this to be difficulty to manage when measures have not been vetted through the evaluation process and thus are plagued with va

Evaluation of Randomized Controlled Trial Research

Critical evaluation of a research paper "Treatment of low back pain by acupressure and physical therapy: randomised controlled trial" Link to paper: http://www.bmj.com/content/332/7543/696.pdf%2Bhtml Evaluation questions for sections below are "attached" as word document: Evaluation of the Introduction: - Literature r

Statement of Purpose for graduate School Ph.D. Program/Goal Statement

Good Day, Need help on my Goal statement, will be done with my Master in May, My major Water resources engineering (GPA 3.5) and like to apply for PhD program, in the same school. subject related to water pollution related to chemicals spills from Nuclear power plant or any other infrastructures.(To work with one of my professo


20. Look up U.S. Patent 5654155 at www.uspto.gov, which covers use of the BRCA1 gene's DNA sequence. Discuss what the patent covers and whether you think companies should be permitted to patent gene sequences. 21. Do Web research or consult Chapter 18 in the textbook to name a gene, other than BRCA1, that increases risk of dev

Consumer's Attitudes and Beliefs about CAM

Develop a methodology for assessing credibility and reliability of sources of complementary alternative medicine (CAM) information. Come up with three to five objective criteria to judge the credibility and reliability of a source of information on CAM, such as a book, newspaper article, or speaker, preferable on a CAM thera

Nursing Intervention Research

Describe the three phases of nursing intervention research: Phase 1: Intervention Development Phase 2: Pilot Testing an Intervention Phase 3: Controlled Trial of the Intervention

Falls and Barriers to Quality

What Barriers should be identified with Falls in a hospital setting when implementing a quality improvement? How could these barriers be overcome? Please include any references so that I can expand on this help. Thank you