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Unstructured Questions

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What are unstructured questions also known as?

- Closed-ended questions
- Open-ended questions
- Difficult questions
- Interview questions

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Closed ended questions are "direct questions that ask for specific pieces of information from a client." Closed ended question have their greatest values when we need to obtain facts and specific pieces of information. These are the questions that can be answered with either "yes" or "no". Close ended question include presuming, probing, and leading questions. Close ended question limit the client's field of choice and length of exposure. Closed ended question can help to define a topic. These questions are restrictive and can be answered in a few words. The advantages of closed end questions are that they are quick and require little time. The disadvantages are that they are can lead to incomplete ...

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This solution provides an overview of the four types of unstructured questions and provides reasoning as to when each type of question is most appropriate to use.

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