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    Research Process

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    Our subject is Teen Pregnancy, and I need to outline the research process for addressing or finding a solution.

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    This is the first step in the research process. For this step you need to do a survey of literature. There are several good books that will alert you to the problems of teenage pregnancy, for instance there is an excellent book Life-span Human Development By Carol K. Sigelman, Elizabeth A. Rider Published 2006, Thomson Wadsworth or Preventing Teen Pregnancy: Coordinating Community Efforts: Hearing Before the Committee on Gov't ... edited by Christopher Shays, Published 1999
    Diane Publishing. Defining the problem is the most important step in your research process. A clear statement of the problem is the key to a good research. You need to know exactly what you need to know. It is clear to anyone that the problem is to reduce teenage pregnancy but it is unknown what methods will work in different segments of women. What ...

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