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    The Journaling Process During a Practicum Course

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    How does the journaling process contribute to the completion of your personal and educational goals and the objectives in a practicum course?

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    The journaling process is critical to completing learning and educational goals as wells as objectives in a practicum course. The journaling process forces the individual to reflect on the experiences of the practicum. I believe that by writing about recent events, we are better able to evaluate our own performances, make adjustments for improvements, organize our thoughts, and look to the future in terms of goal setting.

    To begin with, the hands-on nature of a practicum experience tends to remove individuals from an environment that they are comfortable or familiar with. This means that we are not only exposed to new places and people, but also exposed to new skill techniques, responsibilities and duties. By having a journal, we enable ourselves to reflect on this bombardment of new information in a meaningful way. We are able to identify things that went well, areas that need improvement, and potential plans for how these improvements can be made. You identify your own strengths and weaknesses, and most importantly develop strategies for how you are going to foster the use of your ...

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