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The impact of Evidence on Business Planning and Science

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Could you please help with the following:

Please explain how evidence impacts scientific discovery, as well as effective business planning. Include at least two documented examples in your explanation.

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Evidence impacts scientific discovery by giving support to your theory or conversely, leading you to believe new information. Evidence gives (or should give) you the direction in which to travel, both in scientific discovery, and in effective business planning. Evidence also gives you an organized way.

An example of using evidence in scientific discovery is the use of DNA in forensics (think about all those shows on TV). Here is a link:http://www.ornl.gov/sci/techresources/Human_Genome/elsi/forensics.shtml
DNA can be used to discover who did ...

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This detailed solution outlines how evidence impacts scientific discovery and effective business planning and includes several examples as well as links for more information.