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What role does auditing evidence play in protecting the audi

What role does auditing evidence play in protecting the auditor and the client? What steps must be taken to ensure the evidence accurately supports the conclusions? Please use attachment.

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Audit evidence gives the auditor support for the audit conclusions. It protects the auditor and client because it shows that found a variety of support for the financial statement assertions. This support is like a series of arguments or tests that shows that the assertions are likely well-founded and correct. If they are questioned about whether there are material misstatements, the audit can show the work they did to assure themselves that the assertions were true. The documentation of evidence shows that they planned and executed the audit competently, documented the results of their findings and concluded based on the results of their inquiries and tests of controls, ...

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Your tutorial is 438 words and explains how audit evidence protects clients and auditors and explains the analogy to science and law evidence.