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Formulating Strategy in New Business

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No Plagiarism. Provide any resources in APA form
Name for your airline: horizon Airlines
Mission & Vision
Our Philosophy
Explanation of how you plan to run your airline
Communication Strategy
Analyzes the key elements to consider in business decision making and planning, and prioritizes the key elements based on evidence of importance from industry-related literature.
Evaluates the advantages and limitations of different strategies related to business decision making and planning.

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Mission & Vision

For this assignment, the vision of the small airline carrier will focus on providing a service that is placated upon differentiation wherein to compete with the much larger carriers, it will be necessary to focus more on lower prices, providing airfare to midsize cities throughout the country, and focusing on departing and landing at smaller regional airports as opposed to the international airports most commonly used by larger carriers.

Therefore, the objective is to offer quality service for relatively inexpensive prices in comparison with competitors by offering consumers a different approach to flying that doesn't charge for every amenity such as snacks, carry on bags, etc. To accomplish this mission, the airline will need to ensure that it provides the necessary strategic approach that will allow the airline to focus on more localized hub networks that are timely and convenient while also giving consumers a low-fare choice for their airline.

Our Philosophy

The Philosophy that should be adopted for this new entrance into the much crowded airline industry is that providing customers with lower costs and quality service will equate to a better customer experience. This will lead to more consumers valuing the service offered by the airline, and allow the airline to grow exponentially.

Explanation of how you plan to run your airline

The plan for running the airline should focus upon how the organization can most ...

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