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    A Study About Researching hypertension and Yoga Data

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    What if we did not know the paritcipant of a yoga class had stressful events that cause thieir blood pressure to rise. Perhaps he lost his job and never told the instructor. We wolud still see the changes in his blood pressure., but without being aware of the stressful event, we would not understand the cause of the change and might initialy attribute it to the yoga. then, upon seeing the change in blood pressure, we might specifically question the participant about any changes in his physical or emotional health and then find out about the stressful event. Explain some ways of handling a confounding variable like this.

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    While yoga IS an activity, it still is a calm one. The action of yoga could actually positively affect the participant, whereas the heart condition could actually be subdued by doing yoga. But if that perspective were disallowed, understanding the probability of yoga provoking a heart attack would be invaluable. If a researcher were to ...

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    Evaluating blood pressure, yoga and how it may or not effect the heart are discussed, along with interpreting research data.