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    Research study on yoga and blood pressure effects

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    A nurse researcher wants to study the effects of yoga on blood pressure in hypertensive adults? What is the purpose of this study. Based on the purpose what type of study design might be used and why

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    In following a traditional flow chart of research design, random assignment of participants is not useful for this sort of study. So the question about a control comes under consideration. In this case of evaluating the value of using yoga to study blood pressure, it seems important to have two groups in the study, where one receives yoga and the other group (the control group) does not. For this reason, we would classify it as a quasi-experimental design. In this method of research, the element of surprise and random selection is eliminated. It is desirable to know what elements exist that show or disprove the value of yoga on the body of one that is suffering from hypertension.

    The National Institutes of Health defines the four phases of ...

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