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Keys to the Resistance to Change

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Resistance to change is a natural condition. What would you want to learn from an analysis of resistance that might be applied to a successful change product?

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In the 80's I was thick into the substance abuse prevention field, due to lots of grant funding then. There was a keynote speaker that had a title, "Why Don't We Do What We Know?" THAT question lingered with me from that time forward. Also, Stanton Peele impressed me with his work, when I was doing smoking cessation programs and stopped. The cessation rate from many of the nonprofit programs like American Lung Association and American Cancer Society did not impress me. I didn't like doing that work, when so many failed. Peele's premise is that people WILL STOP on their own, when they want to and are ready.

I have never had any compelling desire to smoke but I know some VERY intelligent people, including those in the medical field, ...

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Prevention, education and understanding the reasons people choose not to change destructive behaviors are discussed.

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