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    Monitoring why patients are not receiving pneumonia antibiot

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    Your ED is typically overcrowded and busy. Data reveal that although the CMS requires that pneumonia patients receive antibiotic within 4 hours of coming to the ED, these patients are receiving antibiotics between 6 and 8 hours after arrival. As the administrator, what can you do?

    â?¢How would you analyze the problem?

    â?¢Which members of the professional staff would you call on to help you analyze and improve the situation? Why those staff and not others?

    â?¢Who would be accountable for improvements?

    â?¢How would improvements be measured?

    â?¢How would the data be reported? Why I one format rather than another

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    Meeting core measures standards is crucial for hospitals as this helps determine Medicare/Medicaid reimbursement, so a close eye is kept on CMS guidelines and making sure they are met.

    How would you analyze the problem? Analysis would include looking into the radiology department and making sure the patients received their chest x-ray in a timely manner, checking wait logs and seeing how long patients reporting respiratory distress had to wait and why, checking if perhaps the pharmacy was delayed in making that antibiotic available to the RN's to give within 4 hours, checking on how much education has been provided to staff regarding this CMS guideline and ensure ...

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    Monitoring why patients are not receiving pneumonia antibiotics on time