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    Data analysis for Pneumonia Patients

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    You have been asked to analyze data for all pneumonia patients admitted between January and March 2004 in your hospital. You have been directed to present the following information to the Medical Staff regarding the pneumonia patient population.
    - Describe the pneumonia population. You have the option to describe the population any way you choose but you must use at least one frequency table, one descriptive analysis, one box plot and one bar graph.
    - The percent of patients receiving antibiotics who have a blood culture drawn.
    - The percent of patients over 50 years of age who receive the influenza vaccine?
    - The percent of patients over 65 years of age who receive the pneumonia vaccine?
    - The average time between time of admission and the time patients receive antibiotics? (Remember, time is computed in seconds. Therefore, your computation of time between admission and administration of antibiotics must be divided by 3600 to get time in hours)
    - The percent of patients who receive antibiotics within 4 hours of hospital arrival?
    - Is there a correlation between age and cost of admission?
    - Is there a significant difference in average cost of admission between patients who receive antibiotics within 4 hours of admission and those who do not?

    Data Definitions:

    Identification Number: N/A

    Age: Age in years.

    Gender: N/A

    Admission Date: Date of admission

    Admission Time: Time of admission in military time (0:00 to 23:59)

    Antibiotic Administration Time: Time antibiotic administered in military time

    Blood Culture Time: Time blood culture is drawn in military time

    Flu vaccine: Was flu vaccine administered (yes or no)
    Pneumonia Vaccine: Was pneumonia vaccine administered (yes or no)

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