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Strategy and Business Analysis

Evaluation Systems

The picture (attached) is the matrix that I a required to use to grade an individual's change management proposal. I was looking for explanation in paragraph format of why this particular chart would or can be useful criteria for evaluating proposals. Any opinion and a few paragraphs will do. See attached file for full proble

Populations and samples used in research

1. Why would you use a small sample to draw inference about a large population? 2. What is the difference between a sample parameter (X-bar and s) and a proportion parameter (ρ)? 3. When would you use a two population test with a small sample size at your place of employment, in your education, or in pol

Quantitative vs Qualitative Measurement

Compare quantitative measurement with qualitative measurement. Include a discussion on the types of data for each. Support the discussion with solid academic references.

Profit Maximization

The cost to produce each of two products is dependent on the quanity in order to maximize profits. product a sells for $10,000 a unit and product 2 sells for $12,000 a unit. Fixed cost is $2,000 for each product find the optimal points. c1=x1+x2(in thousands of dollars) c2=2x2+x1(in thousands of dollars)

Excel Solver Problem

Please give some feedback on setting up solver Picnic Table Bench(separate) Armchair Chaise Lounge Available Price $225 $225 $275 $300 Redwood (board Ft.) 22 6 7 8 4,500 Cedar (board ft) 12 4 4 0 3,600 12 inch fittings 18 4 0 2 2,250 8 inch fittings 12 4 6 6 2,075 Bolts 48 12 12 20 5,925 Labor(Hours) 20 5 8 12

Continuous and Discrete Variables

The marketing department likes to know patterns about the consumers who call the 1-800 phone bank with questions/problems. You meet with them to discuss the matter. Suggest at least 3 quantitative objects that you should keep track about each caller and/or their behavior with respect to the snack food category and indicate i

Waiting time in the queue

I have a question, I got the first 4 sub-questions, but I am stuck on the last 2 (never saw them in class) A fast food chain wants to improve their service. Currently, there is only 1 cashier in line. The consultant noticed that on average, 45 customers come per hour. The mean service rate is 60 customers/hour. The number

Grade Spreadshee

I am looking for someone to build a very simple spreadsheet for me. It's for me to predict my grade in a class. Here is the the setup. DO NOT USE POINTS. The number in parenthesis is the number of each that I have in the class. Exams (2) 100 Projects (7) 75 Semester Project (1) 25 _______________________________

Technological Advancement

Hypothetical scenario: A new technological advancement has been implemented in your company or department: a. Explain on the continuum of short-term, small-scale and long-term, large-scale changes. b. Select an appropriate change model theory. c. Develop a plan to address the human critical success as

Characteristics of stock exchange for walmart and target.

My selected companies are walmart and target. My assignment is to find out the exchange in which each companies stock is traded. But the question I need answered is: 1. What are the characteristics of that exchange which might have led the company to be listed there versus another exchange. Please answer for both compan

Process Oriented Layout Strategy

Germany has developed a new executive secretary chair that will be made on an assembly line. The schedule requires 50 chairs in an 8-hour day. Of course the employees have to take lunch and coffee breaks on their own time by punching in and out on a clock. The assembly includes eight tasks. The table below indicates the perform

Features for customer website navigation

2. How does the design of an online bookstore's web site facilitate the user's effort to locate a particular product? (You may navigate through popular sites such as or for identifying the features that support the user in locating a particular item) 3. What is the "Open Source" business mode

Benefits Packages

How do the needs of today's workforce affect the types of benefit packages that organizations offer to their employees? What are the pressures and challenges that are facing organizations today in the area of benefits, and how can they address them? Why are defined contribution pension plans gaining in popularity in the United S

Shutdown at Eastland

Read the case study entitled, "Shutdown at Eastland" on page 89 in your text. How would you have handled this situation? In this assignment, propose a plan to close the assembly plant in Eastland, Michigan. In this plan, be sure to explain the following: Terms of the close - what notice would you give, what benefits

Metaphor: Deductive or Inductive Logic?

Traditionally, philosophy has distinguished between two methods of reasoning: deductive logic and inductive logic. 1. Is a metaphor part of deductive or inductive logic, or has nothing to do with either? 2. And of course, why do you believe your response is correct? I need greater insight into these questions. Thank

Probability and Type 1 and 2 Error

Why might a data set suffer from missing data? Explain the techniques researchers may use to handle missing data during data analysis. What are the four rules that guide the coding and categorization of a data set? Explain why each one is important for researchers. If a researcher must use a non-probability sample because

Forms of Political Risk

Global marketers can avoid legal conflicts by understanding the reasons conflicts arise in the first place. Describe some of the sources of political risk. Specifically, what forms can political risk take?

Case Study

How attractive (to P&G, existing competitors, potential competitors, and investors) are the industries Proctor & Gamble competes in?

Arc Elasticities of Demand

Round-off to 4 decimals 1. The arc price elasticity of demand for round-trip airline tickets from Houston to San Angelo is -2.5 between the new price of $765 per ticket and the original price. Before the price change took effect San Angelo Transcontinent Airways (STA) sold 840 round-trip tickets per month and now, at the new

Classification of Costs

Fran McPhair Dance Studios is a chain of 45 wholly owned dance studios that offer private lessons in ballroom dancing. The studios are located in various cities throughout the southern and southeastern states. McPhair offers a set of 12 private lessons; students may pay for the lessons one at a time, but each student is requir

Layout Strategy - Microfix Inc

Microfix Inc. has been manufacturing peripherals for microcomputers for the past decade. Over the years, Microfix's mainstay has been hard disk drives. Because of a recent slump in sales, Microfix has decided to expand its product line. After much deliberation among executives, engineers, production personnel, and marketing p

Best Practices and Strategy Execution

Propose how Target Corporation could use best practices, information systems, and short-term rewards to promote better strategy execution within the organization.