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Strategy and Business Analysis

Metaphor: Deductive or Inductive Logic?

Traditionally, philosophy has distinguished between two methods of reasoning: deductive logic and inductive logic. 1. Is a metaphor part of deductive or inductive logic, or has nothing to do with either? 2. And of course, why do you believe your response is correct? I need greater insight into these questions. Thank

Probability and Type 1 and 2 Error

Why might a data set suffer from missing data? Explain the techniques researchers may use to handle missing data during data analysis. What are the four rules that guide the coding and categorization of a data set? Explain why each one is important for researchers. If a researcher must use a non-probability sample because

Forms of Political Risk

Global marketers can avoid legal conflicts by understanding the reasons conflicts arise in the first place. Describe some of the sources of political risk. Specifically, what forms can political risk take?

Case Study

How attractive (to P&G, existing competitors, potential competitors, and investors) are the industries Proctor & Gamble competes in?

Arc Elasticities of Demand

Round-off to 4 decimals 1. The arc price elasticity of demand for round-trip airline tickets from Houston to San Angelo is -2.5 between the new price of $765 per ticket and the original price. Before the price change took effect San Angelo Transcontinent Airways (STA) sold 840 round-trip tickets per month and now, at the new

Classification of Costs

Fran McPhair Dance Studios is a chain of 45 wholly owned dance studios that offer private lessons in ballroom dancing. The studios are located in various cities throughout the southern and southeastern states. McPhair offers a set of 12 private lessons; students may pay for the lessons one at a time, but each student is requir

Layout Strategy - Microfix Inc

Microfix Inc. has been manufacturing peripherals for microcomputers for the past decade. Over the years, Microfix's mainstay has been hard disk drives. Because of a recent slump in sales, Microfix has decided to expand its product line. After much deliberation among executives, engineers, production personnel, and marketing p

Best Practices and Strategy Execution

Propose how Target Corporation could use best practices, information systems, and short-term rewards to promote better strategy execution within the organization.

The Strategic Plan is for Aetna health insurance

Discuss how these fit in the strategic plan a. Personnel skill mix b. Facilities c. Shifting personnel needs d. Design an evaluation plan e. Financial assumptions f. Capital expenditure planning g. Expenditure plan h. Forecasted income statement I Cash flow J Variance planning k. Contingency planning l. Implementati

Diversification Strategies - Target Corporation

Compare and contrast the different diversification strategies being used by Target Corporation and competitors within the discount variety retail industry. Recommend a diversification strategy that best fits the discount variety retail industry.

Question about System Development Life Cycle

In your opinion answer the following questions: What should be management's role in the system development life cycle? Why does project planning usually come before analysis and design? What are some of the methodologies commonly used for requirements elicitation? How can a prototype be used? What are some reaso

Stages of customer loyalty

Case: Jerry Singleton founded Montana Mountain Biking (MMB) 16 years ago. MMB offers one-week guided mountain biking expeditions based in four Montana locations. Most of MMB's new customers hear about the company and its tours from existing customers. Many of MMB's customers come back every year for a mountain biking expedition

Intergroup competition in organizations

How can intergroup competition be bad for organizations? I have come up with a few ideas but would appreciate any help you might be able to offer - Groups may meet group goals but distracts from reaching organizational goals - Groups work against each other, rather than with each other -Groups form cliques -Groups may a

Individual and Organization Performance Goals

How can an organization ensure that individual and organizational performance goals are aligned? Describe how project progress and performance measurement is handled in your organization. Is it effective? How would you improve it?

Business research designs methods

Research designs are classified as communication or observation by the approach used to gather primary data. Identify five conditions under which observation is an appropriate method for data collection. Describe the strengths and limitations of observation as a data collection method. What are some of the responsibilities

PERT and Activity Crashing

A project is characterized by activities A through F. The predecessor activities and the times required, and costs for both a regular and crash program for each activity are shown in the attached table. a. Using only the time for the regular program activities, draw a PERT network for this problem. What is the critical path?

Business Research: Information Sources

What are the five factors a manager should consider when evaluating an information source? Explain each one. Explain the five steps in conducting a literature search What are the three types of evidence a research seeks when testing causal hypotheses? Explain. Explain the difference between a field setting, laboratory s

Development life cycle

There are seven phases in the systems development life cycle. ? Planning ? Analysis ? Design ? Development ? Testing ? Implementation ? Maintenance In your opinion, which phase do you think is the hardest? Which one do you think is the easiest? Which one do you think is the most important? Which one do you thi

Cross-border competition

1. How can a country's sustainable development policy become a critical factor for the success or failure of any given project? 2. Which are the main consequences of cross-border competition and regulatory cooperation in the transatlantic marketplace? 3. While in the host country, how do I address potential problems related to


What recent legislation has had a direct or indirect impact on they way we provide health care? Which interest group(s) was behind the legislation? Discuss the pros and cons of the legislation.

Pilot Testing, Proposal Solicitation, Ethics and Hypothesis

"Argument" the problems of trading off exploration and pilot testing under tight budgetary constraints. What are the immediate and long-term effects? What, if any, are the differences between solicited and unsolicited proposals? Explain what you think understanding of the role that ethics plays in doing business. Wha

Diversification Strategies

Please help me with these two short essay questions: 1) Explain the benefits of related and unrelated diversification strategies. 2) Explain the reasons why multinational diversification strategies are so attractive.

Skilled Workers

Knowledge workers dominate today's business environment. However, many industries still need workers who do not fall into the category of knowledge workers. What industries still need skilled workers who are not knowledge workers? Can you see a time when these jobs will be replaced by knowledge workers? Can you envision circ

A Discussion of how to Conduct Proper Research

Please address the following questions concerning the subject of research: - Why should there be any question about the definition of research? - Describe the characteristics of the scientific method? - What is business research?

System Cost Problem

An engine manufacturer requires 82 pistons per day in its assembly operations. No shortages are to be allowed. The machine shop can produce 500 pistons per day. The cost associated with initiating manufacturing action is $400, and the holding cost is $0.45 per piston per day. The manufacturing cost is $105 per piston.