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Strategy and Business Analysis

Tylenol Contamination

Based on the short and long term effects of the crisis, what could the company have done differently to either avoid or better manage the crisis? How can the company prevent this type of crisis from happening in the future?

Evaluate Machine A and Machine B.

Please show me how/what/why. See attached file. Also, the if each answer could be answer in Excel without using the Add-In. Thank you.

Functions of Informative Presentations

Describe and give examples of three major functions of informative presentations. How is a demonstrative presentation organized? What are its strengths and possible weaknesses? What is a listener's perspective? Why is it crucial to take a listener's perspective when making a persuasive presentation? How can opinion leaders

Consider a manager developing a logistics strategy.

1.Consider a manager developing a logistics strategy. Discuss specific situation for which the best approach would be to a.Employ internal logistics expertise. b.Acquire a company with this expertise. c.Develop a strategy, and then employ specific suppliers to carry out well-defined portions of the strategy. d.Develop th

Volume and Range of Outputs

Hugh Leach Corp., a producer of machine tools, wants to move to a larger site. Two alternative locations have been identified: Bonham and McKinney. Bonham would have fixed costs of $730,000 per year and variable costs of $16,000 per standard unit produced. McKinney would have annual fixed costs of $850,000 and variable costs of

A Linear Program for determining Bus Drivers for a Bus Company

A bus company believes that it will need the following numbers of bus drivers during each of the next 5 years: 60 drivers in year 1; 70 drivers in year 2; 50 drivers in year 3; 65 drivers in year 4; 75 drivers in year 5. At the beginning of each year, the bus company must decide how many drivers to hire or fire. It costs $4000 t

Aggregate Planning in Manufacturing and in Services

The differences between aggregate planning in manufacturing and aggregate planning in services are discussed. Also included are the following: * definition of Aggregate Planning * short description of aggregate planning in manufacturing * short description of aggregate planning in services What is the major difference bet

Difference Between Domestic and International Strategy

The below makes a good point about the difference between domestic and international strategy is the culture and different techniques they might use to get what they want. It mentions about making modifications to the product in order to sell it elsewhere? Please answer: What are some the issues when companies have to do this?

C_pk of Blackburn Valve

Blackburn, Inc., an equipment manufacturer in Nashville, has submitted a sample cutoff valve to improve your manufacturing process. Your process engineering department has conducted experiments and found that the valve has a mean ( ) of 8.00 and a standard deviation ( ) of 0.048. Your desired performance is and . What is the

What is the proper way to address multiple people?

I am presenting an analysis on SWOT regarding a company to four directors and the co-presidents. What is the proper way to address all 6 people? I don't think Dear Sirs/Madam is appropriate. Can anyone provide the correct format?

Flow Charts for Quality and Efficiency Problems

A facility is designed to make 7000 hammers per day, however is limited to making only 6000 hammers per day because of the time needed for changeovers. For the past month, the facility has only made 4500 hammers per day because of material delays, employee illnesses and so forth. A. What is the utilization? B. What i

Aztec Furnishings makes hand-crafted furniture for sale in its retail stores.

Aztec Furnishings makes hand-crafted furniture for sale in its retail stores. The furniture maker has recently installed a new assembly process, including a new sander and polisher. With this new system, production has increased to ninety pieces of furniture a day from the previous sixty pieces of furniture a day. The number of

Affect of Technology on Strategy

How can (or should) technology affect an organization's strategy? Assess the degree to which a hotel's technology strategy supports or impedes the hotel's business strategy. Explain and expand. If you use references, please state them.

P values - A few years ago, Pepsi invited consumers to take the "Pepsi Challenge"

A few years ago, Pepsi invited consumers to take the "Pepsi Challenge". Consumers were asked to decide which of the two sodas, Coke or Pepsi , they preferred in a blind taste test. Pepsi was interested in determining what factors played a role in people's taste preferences. One of the factors studied was the gender of the consum

Apple's Research and Development

How should Apple increase investment in research and development? Or What steps should the company take when considering to increase in R&D?

Critical Success Factors for Competition

Dell, HP, IBM, and Microsoft are competitors of Apple. I have identified the following critical success factors upon which a comparison of Apple's competitors is based on. Market Share Price Competitiveness Financial Position Product Quality Consumer Loyalty Product Innovation Explain why the factors are critical to

Scatter Diagram, Dependent vs. Independent & Coefficients Defined

Define each term. Scatter Diagram Dependent vs. Independent variable Coefficient of Correlation Coefficient of Determination Develop a scatter diagram using data that is appropriate to your company. Explain your problem and interpret your results. (You may use Excel or MegaStat to develop your scatter diagram.)

External Threats

The following are seen as external threats for Apple computer, Do you agree, Why? or Why not? and Please explain your answer Increase competition with music downloads Dell and HP are major competitors in the computer market Price of Apple products are higher Companies not seeing Apple products as compatible with their sof

Internal Opportunities and Threats - Apple

Are the below items correct representation of internal strengths and weaknesses of Apple computer company? Explain why these factors are strengths or weaknesses and name sources. Strengths iTunes Music Store is a good source of revenue, especially with the iPod and the availability on Windows platform. Revamping desktop an