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Strategy and Business Analysis

Analysis of McDonald's Operations Strategy

For my personal business study guide: Please identify the following by writing a paper (with paragraphs, including an introductory, body, and concluding section): 1) McDonald's main line of business, 2) A specific type of operations process that takes place at McDonald's (either service operations or product operatio

Economic Theories & Profit, Consumer Choice, Demand & Supply

Explain the significance and implications of various economic theories pertaining to profit, consumer choice, demand and supply, forecasting and optimization. Background Information Consumer Products Inc. (CPI) is a U.S. regional consumer products company located in Phoenix, Arizona. The company manufactures and distribute

Assumptions, Principles & Constraints

(Assumptions, Principles, and Constraints) Presented below are assumptions, principles, and constraints: 1. Economic entity assumption 5. Historical cost principle 9. Materiality 2. Going concern assumption 6. Matching principle 10. Industry practices 3. Monetary unit assumption 7. Full disclosu

Formulating Strategy for a Domestic Firm

Identify the factors that must be considered when formulating strategy for a domestic firm. What additional considerations would be important when developing strategy for a global firm? How would you integrate these different perspectives in a comprehensive strategy?

Environmental Issues: Threats to our Marine Ecosystem

Support, by evidence in your text and from other research, identify and describe how one business in your community or nearby community is addressing at least one of the four (4) environmental issues presented: ozone depletion, global warming, declining biodiversity, and threats to our marine ecosystem.

Analyze article: 'How to Sell Services MORE Profitably'

See attached file for the article. Article: Reinartz, W. & Ulaga, W. (2008) "How to Sell Services MORE Profitably," The assigmnent is below: 1. Please read the journal article and discuss the four recommendations authors make to sell services more profitably. 2.Please submit a summary of the article that includes c

Quantitative tools: Flight attendants rewards and scheduling issues

Flight attendants work in a seniority system with defined roles including service, giving safety information and leadership in emergency, assisting passengers, cabin preparation, etc. Many at Going are dissatisfied, feeling that best performers are insufficiently rewarded, and that their intellectual capabilities are not utilize

New Product Development

From all the new products waiting to be launched or that have recently launched which sounds more feasible? What roadblocks do you see? Would you invest in this company?

Mini Case - Strategic Analysis: YOUR Corporation, a Study in Treachery!

YOUR Corporation is a high tech manufacturer, distributor and seller of "Vapourware". Vapourware, as we all know, is the hi-tech solution to most of the world's problems: instant worldwide communications at the fraction of the cost of cell phones and Internet, 3D interactive TV, virtual meetings and conferences at the press

Which is correct for Market Risk Premium?

1. Which of the following statements is correct? (Assume that the risk-free rate is a constant) A) If the market risk premium increses by 1%, then the required return will increase for stocks that have a beta greater than 1.0. B) The effect of a change in the market risk premium depends on the slope of the yield curve.

Analyzing Strategy and Decisions: Kodak, Blockbuster, Wal-Mart

How the below companies analyze their business strategy. Kodak: It misread the trend away from film toward digital photography, and once the trend became obvious, they were too slow to react. It lost the value of the most powerful brand name in photography. Blockbuster: The entire home video rental industry is in danger o

Constraining factors and product lines to emphasize

See attached file. Britt, located in St. Cloud, Minnesota, produces two lines to electric toothbrushes: deluxe and standard. Because Britt can sell all the toothbrushes it can produces, the owners are expanding the plant. They are deciding which product line to emphasize. To make this decision, they assemble the following dat

Protect the Market Share

Dell Corp. has entered the printer market, HP's most successful product line. They have taken a 13% market share and climbing. That means HP has lost 13% market share. They are still the leader with over 50% market share. If you are the product manager at HP, what will you do to protect your market share against Dell?

Environmental Factors that effect EMS Planning for McDonalds

The topic is McDonalds. Write a summary that details variables that you will incorporate into your table. These are the three I need to focus on. Environmental Factors that effect EMS Planning: 1. Politics 2. Financial Markets 3. Distribution Channels Format according to APA 6th edition. 3 References

Quantitative research and managers

Quantitative reasoning and mathematical operations are common in business. Explain why it is so important for managers to understand these concepts. As part of your answer, please give an example from your experience where knowing the math has been of value to your organization.

New Product Development

Based on the scenario with Max Games, answer the following questions based on what your decisions are and why you made that decision. What is the first step you will take in developing your strategy? Your Solution: Having gathered the necessary market research data, you have found that your product is not very differe

Product Development Itemized Response

On method for removing creative roadblocks is called "itemized response", which is when first cite all the advantages of a new idea first cite all the problems with a new idea first cite all the details of the new idea None of the above A good outside source of "Ready Made New Product

Christensen's theory, analyze capacity for strategic foresight

Using Christensen's theory, analyze the capacity for strategic foresight and opportunities your industry might have for disruptive innovation. Include at least one scholarly reference beyond the course materials Content from readings and research needs to be incorporated into your answer.

Analyze this young manâ??s use of power

Working in the offices of the state legislature was an aspiring young man who provided clerical research services for legislators on a wide range of issues. He always provided easy-to-read summary sheet on current issues at the top of their in-baskets, and always tried to make every party so that they would know him personally.

Learning Outcomes - Strategic Analysis

This is not an assignment. It is to assist me in fully understanding Strategic Analysis. 1) Explain how strategy is the definitive tool for building, communicating, and maintaining the direction of a business. 2) Explain how to express the vision, mission, and values of a business in operational terms for analysis and act

Product Development and America-First Corporation

The America-First Corporation, after several years of existence, has decided to institute a formal product development department. Where should this department look first for product problems/ideas?

Factor rating method

Daniel Tracy, owner of Martin Manufacturing, must expand by building a new factory. The search for a location for this factory has been narrowed to four sites: A, B, C and D. The following table shows the results thus far obtained by Tracy by using the factor-rating method to analyze the problem. The scale used for each factor s

Wal-Mart's low-priced retailing to the Mexican environment

See attached file. In Mexico, Wal-Mart Is Defying Its Critics 1. How did Wal-Mart adapt its low-priced retailing services operation to the Mexican environment and to the needs of Mexican customers? 2.How have these adaptations contributed to Wal-Mart's success in Mexico? 3. What else do you think Wal-Mart needs to

Best strategy to achieve the lowest expected monetary value

The product design group of Flores Electric Supplies, Inc., has determined that it needs to design a new series of switches. It must decide on one of three design strategies. The market forecast is for 200,000 units. The better and more sophisticated the design strategy and the more time spent on value engineering, the less will