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Strategy and Business Analysis

Elasticity and Change in Demand

OTA, I have learned thus far in my Economics course regarding Elasticity being a vital concept. From the standpoint of a manager and as a typical consumer, explain in your own words, based on your experience and education, how elasticity was a tool for managerial decision-making at Southwest Airlines at a time when airline price

Help with Sample Problems

Problems: 6-17 6-18 6-21 6-31 6-37 6-36 6-42 6-51 7-14 7-16 7-18 7-19 7-22 7-23 7-28 7-29 See attached for above problems 7-6.1 Explain how the ABC analysis can be used in construction. Include a table similar to table 6.8 (attached) of the text in the answer. 7-6.2 Develope a Bill of Materials and a Mater

ANOVA Test and F-Statistic

Please see attached file for full problem description. Cris Turlock owns and manages a small business in San Francisco, California. The business provides breakfast and brunch food, via carts parked along sidewalks, to people in the business district of the city. Being an experienced businessperson, Cris provides incentives

Mean, median, 95% Confidence Interval are examined. How does changing a data value affect the mean and the median? How does removing a value affect the mean and the median? These questions are answered and more.

The breaking strengths of cables produced by a certain manufacturer have a standard deviation of pounds. A random sample of newly manufactured cables has a mean breaking strength of pounds. Based on this sample, find a confidence interval for the true mean breaking strength of all cables produced by this manufacturer. Then c

Secondary and Primary Data

Compare and contrast secondary and primary data. Give an example of how you would collect secondary data. How do you create primary data?

Research Study - New Vaccine

What kind of research study would you suggest using if a new vaccine needed to be tested to confirm its effectiveness? Please explain.

Information Systems - Products for which demand is predictable

"Products for which demand is predictable and relatively stable are called staples. Products for which demand is unpredictable and which have relatively short life cycles are referred to as innovative products. Identify examples of staples and innovative products and explain whether MRP-II or JIT manufacturing is appropriate for

Relevance of One-Tailed and Two-Tailed Tests

Discuss in one short paragraph the relevance of one-tailed and two-tailed tests with alternate hypothesis. Give a numerical example of a two tailed test showing all five steps (please post this portion as an Excel attachment). any example will do on a one-tailed and two-tailed tests with alternate hypothesis.

Estimate P-Value for White Industries

Ex. 5 The manufacturer of the X-15 steel-belted radial truck tire claims that the mean mileage the tire can be driven before the tread wears out is 60,000 miles. The standard deviation of the mileage is 5,000 miles. The Crosset Truck Company bought 48 tires and found that the mean mileage for their trucks is 59,500 miles. Is C

Business Cycles

I'm trying to understand if there are any predictable performance cycles. If so what are the periods that business hit high and lows ? how do business seem to stay stable when everything changes with the economy? Also what are large business such as McDonalds strategies for coping with these business cycles? How do they com


We are doing a case study about company "Shimano". I would like to get some answers to the following questions: 1. Should the bicycle manufacturers think about vertically integrating into component production? Why or why not? 2. Why is the high-end bike industry a global one? 3. Why is Shimano also in the fishing tac

Writing formal presentation to stakeholders

You work for a major defense contractor. Your company prepared and submitted a bid for a recent Department of Defense RFP, entitled Automated Mobile Defense System (AMDS). You have been assigned to lead Project X, which will design, develop, test, demonstrate and deploy 10 AMDS units to a location to be determined by the DoD ass

How to calculate or determine service rate?

In all other problems within this course, service rate has been provided for me. I've reviewed the chapter but can't seem to grasp calculation for service rate. It appears from the problem that there are an average of 100 customers arriving per hour (thus the rate of 100 for customers arriving into the system), but when attemp

Strategic Control vs. Operating Control

Distinguish strategic control from operating control. Give an example of each. Explain the differences among implementation controls, strategic surveillance, and special alert controls. Give an example of each. What are some measures that you can use to evaluate the success or failure of the strategy and its implementati

Population Variance

The annual incomes of the five vice presidents of TMV Industries are: $125,000; $128,000; $122,000; $133,000; and $140,000. Consider this a population. What is the population variance? The standard deviation? What is the range? What is the arithmetic mean income? The annual incomes of officers of another firm similar to TMV

Analyze performace of Target Corp.

Complete a financial analysis on Target Corporation. Use all relevant rations. Make sure and include the Dupont formula, MVA, EVA, and ROIC. Use any other metrics that are important. Compare all this data to the firms' 3 to 5 year trends, industry averages, and/or industry leader. Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of Tar

Risk prevention

List two risk prevention controls utilized by your current or former employer and how they work.

Company's functional strategy

Winn-Dixie: what is the company's functional strategy for each of the areas listed? Production-Operations-Manufacturing Research and Development

Annual Demand, Price per Unit, and Breakeven Points

7. Suppose you are on a weekend trip to a city that is d miles away. Develop a model that determines your round trip gasoline costs. What assumptions or approximations are necessary to treat this model as a deterministic model? Are these assumptions or approximations acceptable to you? 11. For most products, higher prices res

Fostering Brainstorming

What systems and processes can be put in place in any organization to foster excellent brain storming and other creative acts to foster a good strategic discussion at an organizational level?

Demand Analysis

Elasticity refers to the responsiveness of one economic variable to changes in another, related variable. Consider the price elasticity of demand (or cross price elasticity), please use at least one example to explain the impacts of elasticity of demand (or cross price elasticity). In your example, please explain how the elasti

Machine design department situation

Bob is the manager of a machine design dept in a large corporation. His engineers and designers charge their internal corporate clients on an hourly basis at $50/hr. This represents the department's average cost for an hour's labor based on full capacity. Each engineer is assumed to have 1,800 billable hours/year. The $50/hour i

Mean, Range, Standard Deviation, Confidence Interval Calculations

Assume the following sample data: LENGTH (FT) SAMPLE 1 207.495 247.725 345.33 257.175 198.855 166.185 326.295 233.01 209.25 177.12 173.07 180.36 252.315 182.655 186.975 233.955 192.915 216 250.95 207.09 209.25 312.12 209.25 247.725 1. Calculate and explain the sample mean. 2. Calculate and

Concentrated growth as a risky strategy in business

When conducting environmental scans, what are a few of the resources that you found the most useful? Why is concentrated growth considered the least risky strategy? When is concentrated growth not a good strategy to employ?