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Kodak, Blockbuster, Wal-Mart

How the below companies analyze their business strategy.

Kodak: It misread the trend away from film toward digital photography, and once the trend became obvious, they were too slow to react. It lost the value of the most powerful brand name in photography.

Blockbuster: The entire home video rental industry is in danger of becoming obsolete as wireless download over the Internet will soon bring movies directly to a home TV screen.

Walmart: It's entire strategy is based on low-cost procurement and operations, which generates high revenues, which gives them greater economies of scale and buying power. This allows them to lower prices more, or keep them low, and the cycle continues to repeat itself over and over again. They have also captured additional business by moving toward the one stop shopping experience: banking, car repair, manicure, eyeglass exams, McDonald's on site, etc.

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Kodak made a mistake in analyzing the technological environment of its company. In the technological environment there was a rapid development of digital technology. Not only were there digital cameras but these could be linked to computers. The images could be stored on a computer, stored at websites, or could be printed instantly. Later the digital camera technology was incorporated in mobile phones and these became an important medium for taking images. Kodak did not analyze the technological development adequately nor did it react to the technological change fast enough and the company that had been a leader in the photography industry lost value rapidly.

In case of Blockbuster the home video rental industry did not carry out a ...

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