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    Equity and Debt - Wal-Mart

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    Examine the structure and activities in Wal-Mart and identify two projects or events that required an investment. One should be a 'current project' and the other long-term investment project.

    For each project or event, identify the preferable source of funding. You may not have access to the actual source of funding so limit your response to the source YOU feel is most appropriate. Then explain why you feel that source is most appropriate.


    Your explanation is the most important part. You should include references to the background materials or other articles and a discussion of the main concepts of this module as they relate to your choice of funding.

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    The two projects/events at Wal-Mart that require an investment are the Wal-Mart To Go Delivery System and the opening of about twenty Wal-Mart Express stores mainly in North Carolina and Arkansas. The Wal-Mart To Go Delivery System is a current project whereas the opening of Wal-Mart Express stores is a long term investment project.

    For the Wal-Mart To Go Delivery System the preferred source of financing is debt. Wal-Mart is testing out this new system of delivery and it has not been launched across the country. The test is being carried out in San Jose California. This is a current project and if the test is successful it will be expanded to other areas. The preferred source of funding is ...

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    The response provides you a structured explanation of equity and debt in Wal-Mart, including projects of Wal-Mart and which funding would be preferred for them. It also gives relevant references.