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Strategy and Business Analysis

Mean, Range, Standard Deviation, Confidence Interval Calculations

Assume the following sample data: LENGTH (FT) SAMPLE 1 207.495 247.725 345.33 257.175 198.855 166.185 326.295 233.01 209.25 177.12 173.07 180.36 252.315 182.655 186.975 233.955 192.915 216 250.95 207.09 209.25 312.12 209.25 247.725 1. Calculate and explain the sample mean. 2. Calculate and

Concentrated growth as a risky strategy in business

When conducting environmental scans, what are a few of the resources that you found the most useful? Why is concentrated growth considered the least risky strategy? When is concentrated growth not a good strategy to employ?

Strategy for Improving Low Response Rates

What rate of response do you need in order to be able to accomplish the purpose of a survey, what will be the consequences if your response rate is lower than desired, and what actions can be taken to increase the chances of getting the required rate of response? What can be done to follow up with the participants if the resp

Strategy Implementation Questions

1. Why is strategy implementation harder? 2. Does it matter if your environment is changing or not (stable vs. dynamic)? 3. Where do you implement strategy and where do you formulate it? 4. How do you know your implemented strategy is working? 5. What signs are there? 6. When do you have to re-formulate strategy?


1. Discuss the environment they operate in (general and task environment -- discuss Porter's forces) (Opportunities and Threats), 2. Prepare an EFAS, IFAS, SFAS 3. [societal] Environment]). This is where 'Opportunities' and 'Threats' are. 4. Discuss their internal structure, their culture, their resources. (This is really

Measure risk using standard deviation and coefficient of variation.

The CFO has requested from you, a risk assessment of Strident Marks. Think about the risks inherent in Strident Marks and how to quantify these risks. Discuss the use of standard deviation to measure risk. When is this type of calculation appropriate, and when is the coefficient of variation an appropriate measure of risk? Th

IT Recommendations-Non profit

Please help with the following problem. The Helping Hands League is a nonprofit organization out of Orlando, Florida that offers assistance to elderly and handicapped individuals. Currently, the league has 35 volunteers who are assigned to help people in the community with errands, reading, cooking, and household chores.

Break Even Analysis for New Product

Delphi Company has developed a new product that will be marketed for the first time during the next fiscal year. Although the Marketing Department estimates that 35,000 units could be sold at $36 per unit, Delphi's management has allocated only enough manufacturing capacity to produce a maximum of 25,000 units of the new product

Quantitative Methods

MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. 1) A slack variable A) exists for each variable in a linear programming problem. B) is the difference between the left and right side of a constraint. C) is the amount by which the left side of a ≥ constraint


Please assist me with the following project: Burlington Northern Railway recently settled a major and some say groundbreaking case on genetic screening in the workplace. See below case information:


Please assist me with the following IT Systems problem: When a company does not have a large IT department, it is fairly common for them to hire consulting firms to help them with the selection and procurement process. These firms do not build the system. The help a company find a software developer who can build the system

Overcharging Customers

2) You are the owner and chief cost accountant of a bicycle manufacturing operation You've discovered and verified that you had incorrectly overcharged a customer in the manufacturing of their 100 bikes over the last 6 months and you are about to meet with her within the next 10 minutes. What should you do?

Deming's Diseases

Disease: Using excuses such as "Our problems are different" or "It's happening to everybody" Describe what you would do to "cure" it. Please present response in this format a. Symptoms of the disease b. Alternative solutions for the "cure" least three c. Strengths of each alternative d. Weakness of each altern

Evaluation Systems

The picture (attached) is the matrix that I a required to use to grade an individual's change management proposal. I was looking for explanation in paragraph format of why this particular chart would or can be useful criteria for evaluating proposals. Any opinion and a few paragraphs will do. See attached file for full proble

Populations and samples used in research

1. Why would you use a small sample to draw inference about a large population? 2. What is the difference between a sample parameter (X-bar and s) and a proportion parameter (ρ)? 3. When would you use a two population test with a small sample size at your place of employment, in your education, or in pol

Quantitative vs Qualitative Measurement

Compare quantitative measurement with qualitative measurement. Include a discussion on the types of data for each. Support the discussion with solid academic references.

Profit Maximization

The cost to produce each of two products is dependent on the quanity in order to maximize profits. product a sells for $10,000 a unit and product 2 sells for $12,000 a unit. Fixed cost is $2,000 for each product find the optimal points. c1=x1+x2(in thousands of dollars) c2=2x2+x1(in thousands of dollars)

Excel Solver Problem

Please give some feedback on setting up solver Picnic Table Bench(separate) Armchair Chaise Lounge Available Price $225 $225 $275 $300 Redwood (board Ft.) 22 6 7 8 4,500 Cedar (board ft) 12 4 4 0 3,600 12 inch fittings 18 4 0 2 2,250 8 inch fittings 12 4 6 6 2,075 Bolts 48 12 12 20 5,925 Labor(Hours) 20 5 8 12

Continuous and Discrete Variables

The marketing department likes to know patterns about the consumers who call the 1-800 phone bank with questions/problems. You meet with them to discuss the matter. Suggest at least 3 quantitative objects that you should keep track about each caller and/or their behavior with respect to the snack food category and indicate i

Waiting time in the queue

I have a question, I got the first 4 sub-questions, but I am stuck on the last 2 (never saw them in class) A fast food chain wants to improve their service. Currently, there is only 1 cashier in line. The consultant noticed that on average, 45 customers come per hour. The mean service rate is 60 customers/hour. The number

Grade Spreadshee

I am looking for someone to build a very simple spreadsheet for me. It's for me to predict my grade in a class. Here is the the setup. DO NOT USE POINTS. The number in parenthesis is the number of each that I have in the class. Exams (2) 100 Projects (7) 75 Semester Project (1) 25 _______________________________

Technological Advancement

Hypothetical scenario: A new technological advancement has been implemented in your company or department: a. Explain on the continuum of short-term, small-scale and long-term, large-scale changes. b. Select an appropriate change model theory. c. Develop a plan to address the human critical success as