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    Core Strategy for a retail boutique/salon

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    I need help getting started...... please help

    My mission statement: Our mission and goal is to lavish our consumer and stimulate this as shopping experience to remember in our one stop boutique, for her hair is her crown and her body is her castle.


    Kellyâ??s Boutique ala Carteâ?? is an unique boutique in that we will sell clothing, shoes, accessories for fashion but inclusive to provide license professional connoisseurs in hair stylist design, makeup artist, nail technician, massage and more all in one centralize location. Ultimately, this boutique isnâ??t just selling clothing, accessories or the salon; we are selling the look. We want to be part of the activity, part of the memory, part of the tradition of dressing in the latest fashion.

    What I need help on its getting hints for a solid core strategy, as well as include tips on product positioning and value propostion. Taking into consideration of my target market and competition

    The boutique carries a variety of clothing targeting an array of customers both young and seasoned clientele (ages 14 thru 80 plus).

    If possible could you help with some objectives to consider..

    Thank you for your help...in the past your assistance has always been helpful and explained very clearly

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    //The marketing strategies are very much important for meeting out the objectives of a business. In this relation, each business wants to implement an effective core strategy with the consideration of effective marketing concepts. The given business of boutique is also aiming to implement a core strategy in its business, which is introduced in the given discussion.//

    A Marketing Strategy is a procedure, which permits an organization to concentrate on its limited resources and the greatest opportunities to increase sales and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. Marketing strategies are generally concerned with Four P's, which are product strategies, pricing strategies, promotional strategies, and placement strategies. The focus of marketing strategies should not be restricted till planning; rather it should target at achieving the objectives of the organization fully. The given boutique/ salon store aims to stimulate the shopping experience of the customers as well as provide them highly valued products. For this purpose, the store wants to implement a solid core strategy in its business.
    / /In the next section of the discussion, the core strategy for the business as well the major business objectives, which would be fulfilled with the help of this strategy, are discussed in detail. This will help to analyze the effectiveness of the strategy according to the business requirements.//
    Core Strategy
    The proposed core strategy for the fulfillment of the business objectives ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 980 words with references.