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SWOTT blue collar customers

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I need help creating a SWOTT analysis on developing a salon that focuses on blue collar customers. The salon will have all of the services an upscale salon would have but the costs for services would be affordable to the blue collar customers. Address the following:

External forces and trends considerations:

o Legal and regulatory
o Global
o Economic
o Technological
o Innovation
o Social
o Environmental
o Competitive analysis

Internal forces and trends considerations:

o Strategy
o Structures
o Processes and systems
o Resources
o Goals
o Strategic capabilities
o Culture
o Technologies
o Innovations
o Intellectual property
o Leadership

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Solution Summary

This explanation provides you a comprehensive argument relating to blue collar customers. The external forces and trends in considerations are provided.

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External forces and trends considerations:

o Legal and regulatory:
The legal and regulatory issues are that city, state, and federal taxes have to be paid by salons for blue collared workers. Each of the employment law, including discrimination, minimum wages, and law relating to immigrants applies. The salon is required to comply with environmental laws and not release materials untreated in the sewerage.
o Global
The global forces apply when the salons for blue collared workers establishes salons abroad. Then the local laws and culture apply. On the other hand global business forces may force the closure of some factories leading to layoffs of salons for blue collared workers. The salon has to move to more lucrative areas.
o Economic
The economic forces are that wages of blue collared workers are in a squeeze. Offering haircuts and shaving at reduced prices is likely to attract more customers to the salons for blue collared workers.
o Technological
There are computer aided master hair clippers with fade blade that can be used by salons for blue collared workers so that haircuts can be ...

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