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Strategy and Business Analysis

OR: Assignment problem constraint

The assignment problem constraint x31 + x32 + x33 + x34 <= 2 means a. agent 2 can be assigned to at most 3 tasks. b. agent 3 can be assigned to at most 2 tasks. c. a mixture of agents 1, 2, 3, and 4 will be assigned to 2 or less tasks. d. there is no feasible solution.

DCF question

Why is discounted cash flows better for making tactical decisions rather than making strategic decisions?

What is the service level for the current situation, reorder point

A depanneur stocks supplies of mineral water. Demand during lead time for cases of mineral water follows a normal distribution with a mean of 23 cases. Lead time is known to be 5 days. The standard deviation of daily demand is 2 cases. If the store manager has a policy of keeping a safety stock of 5 cases. a) What is the ser

Network model : Quantitative approaches

17. A long-distance telephone company uses a fiber optic network to transmit phone calls and other information between location. Calls are carried through cable lines and switching nodes. A portion of the company's transmission network is shown here. The numbers above each arc show the capacity in thousands of messages that can

Operation management

Any is testing battery voltage with a voltmeter designed to provide a test results display of one of the following words: Insufficient, Proper, or Excessive. The type of inspection she is performing is: a - variables inspection b - attributes inspection c - defects per unit inspection d - decalibrated inspection I bel

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Currently: employees are working Monday to Friday, 8 hours daily. No-one works Saturday and Sunday. Proposed: employees should be scheduled to work 4 days per week - 10 hour shifts - in a six day work week (closed on Sundays). Employees have two consecutive days off (excluding Sunday). Forecasted service calls for the

Business Consultant questions

In your own words, please provide input to the following questions... (A) Do you believe that consultants should be able to negotiate assignments. Why would/does negotiating assignments work better than just going in and accessing processes and information? (B) So some people are born 'objective' (with objectivity bei

Multi-domestic strategy

What are the advantages and disadvantages of multi-domestic strategy? Please provide an example.


Please assist with the following problem: Describe how the following aspects of an Individual Development Plan contribute to the effectiveness of the Individual Development Plan. Identify what you see as the single most important characteristic of each element: - Development objectives - Resources required to implement

Operation management - Out of control process

Which of the following patterns on an averages chart that displayed 25 sample averages would reveal an out of control process? a - sample averages scattered in a seemingly random pattern within the 3-sigma control limits b - half the sample average above the center line and the other half below the center line c - the first t

Role of Consultant

Please answer (A) through (F) In your own words based on experience and expertise... (A)What did you think of the approach Peter Block takes to engagement? Is it feasible in an organization? Why or why not? I have found Block's strategies for engagement include: ? Balance between presentation and participation ?

Operation management

Given the following figures for a week, the linearity index is about: Day Mon Tue Wed Thur Fri Scheduled Output 40 40 40 40 40 Actual Output 44 40 38

Business Managers

At what level of state participation do business managers become concerned about the issue of loss of local control? Why?

Business Consulting

A. In regards to Interpersonal Aspects of Data Gathering, what challenges does this approach create for a consultant? In the consulting work, how important is it to understand the way the problem is being managed, along with the presenting problem? B. There are advantages of whole-system discovery when conducting internal res

Staffing strategy for different store formats

Retail stores represent a selling process, both personal selling (the store staff goes through the selling process) and self-service sales with merchandise displayed where customers can select and process the sale at the register. What staffing considerations would a company like Best Buy need to consider to staff their differen

Avon Case Study: Why Jung's strategy is not optimal...

Please evaluate my arguments below based on the Classic Avon Case Study which evaluates CEO Andrea Jung's grand strategy. My argument that Jung's strategy is properly focused and directed is followed by a brief argument that her strategy is NOT properly focused and directed. Based on these self developed arguments (I developed

Business Consultant questions

In your own words, please answer the following questions... A. What if the Internal Consultant has intimate knowledge of the organization and has a different perspective on Operations than one particular line manager. Is it permissable to say 'no' in this case? why or why not? B. Should there be an effort to ensure t

Research and Evaluation

1. The owner of Maumee Ford-Mercury wants to study the relationship between the age of a car and its selling price. Listed below is a random sample of 12 used cars sold at the dealership during the last year. Car Age (years) Selling Price ($000) Car Age (years) Selling Price ($000) 1 9 8.1 7 8 7.6 2 7 6.0 8 11 8.0 3 11 3.

Re-Enact and Analyze a Historical Negotiation Scenario

Part 1 (Group): Re-enact a historical negotiation scenario through role play and imagined dialogue As a group, choose a well-documented negotiation scenario from history. The scenario could be a business acquisition, a labor/management dispute, or a political disagreement-any situation that involved a negotiation process betw

Claim check

Fast Service, a chain of automotive tune-up shops, advertises that its personnel can change the oil, replace the oil filter, and lubricate any standard automobile in 15 minutes, on the average. The National Business Bureau received complaints from customers that service takes considerably longer. To check the Fast Service claim

Able Corporation: Legacy Strategy

The president that you as an employee are reporting to is a holdover from before the company was acquired. He has some vested interest in the previous strategy, such as it is. How would you handle the delicate situation of dealing with the president and his legacy strategy? This in my opinion should be handled in a professio

The Genius is in the implementation

You're working as a process consultant with a client who has seen too many good strategies fail once they got to the implementation stage. You decide that the client needs an overview of how classic management activities - planning, organizing, controlling, and leading - enable successful strategy implementation. You decide to

"Consumption Behaviors"

3) Consider fast food resturants. Now apply conecpts that are realted to the term "Consumption Behaviors" that are talked about when talking about consumers. What implications might this analysis carry in developing business strategy for a particular resturant? 5) A business is interested in throughly understanding the opi

Operation management

UPS is considering 2 capacity plans for package sorters. The first is for 600 packages per hour and the second if for 680 for UPS's one shift per day operation. The two plans are tried out against actual per hour business volume for the past 5 weeks as follows: Actual Plan 1

Testing - operation management

John selects 12 disposable flashlights at random from the flashlight production process, turns them on, and records the length of time until each light fails. He has performed: a. 100% inspection b. destructive testing c. lot rejection test d. AQL inspection I believe its either A or C.