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Strategy and Business Analysis

Role of Consultant

Please answer (A) through (F) In your own words based on experience and expertise... (A)What did you think of the approach Peter Block takes to engagement? Is it feasible in an organization? Why or why not? I have found Block's strategies for engagement include: ? Balance between presentation and participation ?

Business Consulting

A. In regards to Interpersonal Aspects of Data Gathering, what challenges does this approach create for a consultant? In the consulting work, how important is it to understand the way the problem is being managed, along with the presenting problem? B. There are advantages of whole-system discovery when conducting internal res

Staffing strategy for different store formats

Retail stores represent a selling process, both personal selling (the store staff goes through the selling process) and self-service sales with merchandise displayed where customers can select and process the sale at the register. What staffing considerations would a company like Best Buy need to consider to staff their differen

Avon Case Study: Why Jung's strategy is not optimal...

Please evaluate my arguments below based on the Classic Avon Case Study which evaluates CEO Andrea Jung's grand strategy. My argument that Jung's strategy is properly focused and directed is followed by a brief argument that her strategy is NOT properly focused and directed. Based on these self developed arguments (I developed

Business Consultant questions

In your own words, please answer the following questions... A. What if the Internal Consultant has intimate knowledge of the organization and has a different perspective on Operations than one particular line manager. Is it permissable to say 'no' in this case? why or why not? B. Should there be an effort to ensure t

Research and Evaluation

1. The owner of Maumee Ford-Mercury wants to study the relationship between the age of a car and its selling price. Listed below is a random sample of 12 used cars sold at the dealership during the last year. Car Age (years) Selling Price ($000) Car Age (years) Selling Price ($000) 1 9 8.1 7 8 7.6 2 7 6.0 8 11 8.0 3 11 3.

Re-Enact and Analyze a Historical Negotiation Scenario

Part 1 (Group): Re-enact a historical negotiation scenario through role play and imagined dialogue As a group, choose a well-documented negotiation scenario from history. The scenario could be a business acquisition, a labor/management dispute, or a political disagreement-any situation that involved a negotiation process betw

Claim check

Fast Service, a chain of automotive tune-up shops, advertises that its personnel can change the oil, replace the oil filter, and lubricate any standard automobile in 15 minutes, on the average. The National Business Bureau received complaints from customers that service takes considerably longer. To check the Fast Service claim

Able Corporation: Legacy Strategy

The president that you as an employee are reporting to is a holdover from before the company was acquired. He has some vested interest in the previous strategy, such as it is. How would you handle the delicate situation of dealing with the president and his legacy strategy? This in my opinion should be handled in a professio

The Genius is in the implementation

You're working as a process consultant with a client who has seen too many good strategies fail once they got to the implementation stage. You decide that the client needs an overview of how classic management activities - planning, organizing, controlling, and leading - enable successful strategy implementation. You decide to

"Consumption Behaviors"

3) Consider fast food resturants. Now apply conecpts that are realted to the term "Consumption Behaviors" that are talked about when talking about consumers. What implications might this analysis carry in developing business strategy for a particular resturant? 5) A business is interested in throughly understanding the opi

Evaluating Capacity Plans

UPS is considering 2 capacity plans for package sorters. The first is for 600 packages per hour and the second if for 680 for UPS's one shift per day operation. The two plans are tried out against actual per hour business volume for the past 5 weeks as follows: Actual Plan 1

Manufacturing Industry's customers and their needs and desires.

Describe Manufacturing Industry's customers and their needs and desires. Research any shortcomings, which are often opportunities in disguise, using discussions in the Annual Report, articles in the press, or complaints websites such as

Martha Stewart Case

Which ethical theories and forms of evaluation were used in this case? What value system was used in making the final decision? What were the kinds of major decision traps leading to the blunder? What steps in the decision making process were overlooked or insufficiently carried out? What can be or was learned from the blund

Intratype competition, wheel of retailing theory

2) Develop of list of expenses or costs for a department store and categorize them as fixed, variable and semifixed? 4) Provide an example of intratype competiton, an example of intertype competition. Can a retailer face both intratype and intertype competition at the same time. 6) Describe the wheel of retailing theor


I need a little help putting some answers together....If Nestle is one of the world's largest global food companies. And it has over 500 factories in 76 countries, and sells its products in 193 nations, and only 1% of sales and 3% of employees are located in its home country, Switzerland. If, having reached the limits of growth

1. Using a multiple regression program available on a computer to which you have access, estimate the coefficients of the demand for the data given in table 1 2. Provide a economic interpretation for each of the coefficients in the regression equation you have computed. 3. What is the Value of the coefficient of determination? How would you interpret this result?

1. Using a multiple regression program available on a computer to which you have access, estimate the coefficients of the demand for the data given in table 1 2. Provide a economic interpretation for each of the coefficients in the regression equation you have computed. 3. What is the Value of the coefficient of determination?

Formation of action plans and goals

What are some lessons learned relative to the importance and effectiveness of enviornmental scanning, strategy formulation and choice, and the formulation of action plans and goals? Could you please elaberate. Thank you.

What Are the Risks and Benefits to X?

See the attached file. X has been in business for 25 years. What are the risks and benefits of this venture? AFFILIATION AGREEMENT BETWEEN Y COLLEGES, INC. AND X This Affiliation Agreement (the "Agreement") is made and entered into this ¬¬¬_____ day of _________________, _______ between Y Colleges, Inc., a Virgin

Critical Success Factor

The tactical plan is action-oriented, identifying the responsible parties, required timing and generic resource requirements. What are the parameters of tactical planning to ensure alignment with the metrics associated with CSF (Critical Success Factor) ?

Political Risk: Managing the Incident

R. Douglas is the chief financial officer of a small U.S. firm thinking of undertaking its first foreign investment. The project is in a developing country, and he is concerned about political risk. How would he go about assessing the political risk? If the firm undertakes the project, how would he manage political risk (before

Reorganization by Microsoft

The final reading discusses a recent reorganization by Microsoft ("Microsoft Sets Big Restructuring Plan" from the WSJ). Please answer the following questions regarding the reading. ? With its new choice of business units, what grouping principle is the company following and why? ? Describe one way that these units will contin

Analysis of Google

Using the Internet, and course materials, research and find a company to analyze. Prepare a report including the following information: 1. What is the history of this company? How did it begin? What differentiates this company from its competitors? 2. Compute the following ratios for this company: current ratio inven

Types of costs that can be associated with a product

List all of the types of costs that can be associated with a product. Why does the convenience-store industry need to cut its costs? How does this software tool help to more accurately assess an item's profitability? How can the software help cut inventory costs? Is useful information provided to decision-makers

Impact of fiscal policy on the US economy

Tax rates on both dividends and capital gains have been cut down to historical lows. Maximum tax rate on both dividends and capital gains is now set at 15%. Policy makers agreed to such a reduction hoping to see faster economic recovery, and further job growth. These policy makers would like to get your expert opinion on this

Understanding Self and Others

"All Public Behavior is Ultimately Private Behavior". What is your point of view on the subject. I need help in formulating a paper on this matter using examples, and three sources where I can find information to support the thesis.