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Strategy and Business Analysis

Product Mix Decision

This question is from my Management Accounting book: Company A makes a regular and a deluxe grade of wood floors. Regular Grade is sold at $16 per square yard and the deluxe grade is sold at $25 per square yard. The flexible cost of making the regular grade is $10 per square yard. It costs an extra $5 per square yard to ma

Production & Operation Management

Its a pretty straightforward case - not traps - which require not much more than the application of the formulae and some common sense for the interpretation of the results. CASE: Some applications of the transportation and transshipment models have nothing to do with the transportation of goods. An interesting class of problem

Comparing FMC Green River and Aberdeen

Focusing on the following four bullets: - Job Design and Goal Setting - Performance Appraisal - Pay - Career Development Thinking in terms of: - If jobs would be structured the same way in both facilities. - What about differences in pay, performance appraisals, and developing a career path? - What would work at th

Negotiation, Strategic Information and Business Positioning

Please see attachment for case study. Questions: 1. Before and during the negotiation, what specific strategic information does Elizabeth need to discover? 2. And based on the negotiation process, what is the bargaining zone for the upcoming negotiation. 3. What is Elizabeth's position, and Rafael's anticipated positio

Simulation of machine breakdown

3. The XYZ Manufacturing Company produces widgets in a process consisting of operations on five different machines. The probability distribution of the number of machines that will breakdown in a week is listed in the table below. # machine breakdowns Probability per week 0 0.10 1 0.10 2 0.20 3

Quantity Discount Problem - Graduate Level

A company will begin stocking remote control devices. Expected monthly demand is 800 units. The controllers can be purchased from either supplier A or supplier B. Their price lists are as follows. Supplier A Quantity/Unit Price 1-199 / $14 200-499 / $13.80 500+ / $13.60 Supplier B Quantity/Unit Price 1-149 / $14

Doing Business in Japan - What are the issues?

Japan is currently in a period of transition. The boom days of the 80s/90s are over and growth rates are low. What are the issues that someone wishing to do business in Japan should consider at this point in time? This is a short answer which outlines the key issues facing a potential investor as of 2005.

Business Operation Management - Process Improvement

Please review the following question and answer. Provide confirm if my answer is correct or not. If it is not correct please advise. ================================ Question 1 A company has introduced a process improvement that reduces processing time for each unit, so that output is increased by 25% wtih less material

Business and Diversification

Select and identify a diversified firm with which you are most familiar and discuss the drivers, synergies and strategy being employed in their diversification efforts, including their current level of success.

System Dynamics (Simulation)

Because of the marketing policy where marketing expenditure is 2.5% of the average sales income, incoming orders fluctuate creating labour problems and increasing cost. The product is highly sensitive and responsive to advertising and promotion activities hence great emphasis is given to it. There is an 8 months delay in getting

Discussing Strategic issues

Let's look at two of Able Corporation's two major competitors: Smith & White Corporation (S&W), a very large and aggressive domestic manufacturer, and Makatume, a Japanese powerhouse. Smith & White markets a full line of moderate quality professional and consumer tools. It also markets such products as lawn and garden, hobby

Strategy implementation and control

Review the Individual Projects you completed in Unit 1 for the Able Corporation. Do an external analysis (opportunities and threats) to determine how to best launch your company into the market place. Prepare a business plan for Able Corporation for presentation to the SOS-C of Walden International. As part of this group projec

What are the secrets, tools, resources used to do find a solution to a problems?

I typically use Ask Jeeves, and Google to find the answers to many of my solutions. My guess your team has an arsenal of tools to find the answers to any problem. I am interested based on, the specifics to a problem, the constraints of time, the large diversity of questions, how you find a solution to the many problems that are

Solving for variances - Calculate variable cost variances

Direct materials . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 lbs. @ $ 6.80/lb. Direct labor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2.4 hrs. @ $14.00/hr. Variable overhead (based on machine hours) . . . . . . . . . . 1.5 hrs. @ $ 4.50/hr. the following activity took place

Can you please explain the argument made by the person in this letter attached.

Can you please explain the argument made by the person in this letter attached. Mid-year number continue to pressure us from all sides in spite of last year's tremendous cost-cutting sacrifice of nearly 500 employees and revamping of our support chain management system, which cut costs by almost 15%. Project revenues continue

Moral Reasoning, Critical and Strategic Thinking, Assumptions

Can you please describe the assumptions that you see in the following attached document by Pat? Progress Report; TO:AcuScan Management From: Pat AcuScan created the retinal scanning security marketplace with the cutting-edge technology of the iScanner. But today, ten year later, AcuScan is barely sustaining 40% of the

Crtitical thinking

How do you apply fallacies to any situation? How do you apply fallacies for myself.

Strategic Alternatives and Recommended Strategies

**Please see attachment for case study. Strategic Alternatives and Recommended Strategy: A. Strategic Alternatives 1. Can the current or revised objectives be met by the simple, more careful implementing of those strategies presently in use (for example, fine-tuning the strategies)? 2. What are the major feasible altern

The demand for subassembly S is 100 units in week 7. Each unit of S requires 1 unit of T and 2 units of U. Each unit of T requires 1 unit of V, 2 units of W, and 1 unit of X. Finally, each unit of U requires 2 units of Y and 3 units of Z. One firm manufactures all items. It takes 2 weeks to make S, 1 week to make T, 2 weeks to make U, 2 weeks to make V, 3 weeks to make W, 1 week to make X, 2 weeks to make Y, and 1 week to make Z

The demand for subassembly S is 100 units in week 7. Each unit of S requires 1 unit of T and 2 units of U. Each unit of T requires 1 unit of V, 2 units of W, and 1 unit of X. Finally, each unit of U requires 2 units of Y and 3 units of Z. One firm manufactures all items. It takes 2 weeks to make S, 1 week to make T, 2 weeks

Evaluate Research Report

The purpose of this group project is to examine and critically evaluate a research paper in the area of strategy and strategic management. Identify a research paper on strategy, strategic planning, and/or strategic management for evaluation. 1.Is there any missing information? 2.Does the research and data come from reput

Heuristics or Bias in Social Behavior and Cognition

Your employer, It's Electric, an electrical fixtures supply company has decided to purchase company cars for all of the sales staff. You have been asked to select the line of automobiles that should be purchased. You have decided that on grounds of economy and longevity you want to purchase one of those solid, stalwart, middle-c

I need help to answer the question in a format of making a proposal

Walreds, a convenient store company and your employer, has been growing rapidly over the past two years. As a result of this rapid growth there have been a lot of promotions from within the organization. This has led to a large number of individuals being promoted to manager positions with no previous supervisor experience.