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Strategy and Business Analysis


Chris Millikan Manufacturing, Inc., is moving to kanbans to support its telephone switching-board assembly lines. Determine the size of the kanban for sub assemblies and the number of kanbans needed. Setup cost = $30 Annual holding cost subassembly = $120 per subassembly Daily production

Sources of Power

You have just been hired as a brand manager of toothpaste for a large consumer products company. Your job mainly involves encouraging the advertising and production groups to promote and manufacture your product more effectively. These departments aren't under your direct authority, although company procedures indicate that they

Jason Enterprises (JE) is producing video telephones for the home market.

Jason Enterprises (JE) is producing video telephones for the home market. Quality is not quite as good as it could be at this point, but the selling price is low and Jason can study market response while spending more time on R&D. At this stage, however, JE needs to develop an aggregate production plan for the six months from

ACME Electric Motors and Controls Company: strategy for survival

ACME Electric Motors and Controls Company is a US Based midsize company manufacturing and selling electric motors and controls to customers in US, Canada, and Mexico. Their annual sales last year was $ 200 million. The gross profit margin is 30% with a net profit after taxes of 7%. They have a reputation for quality and service

Reorder Point Computation

Annual demand for the notebook binders at Duncan's Stationery Shop is 10,500 units. Dana Duncan operates her business 300 days per year and finds that deliveries from her supplier generally take 21 working days. Calculate the reorder point for the notebook binders that she stocks. Round your answer to the nearest whole n

Development of a cost-effective and innovative IT strategy

This solution provides the learner with the basics behind the development of an innovative and cost effective Information Technology Strategy. In particular, this solution explores the development of organizational goals and objectives and explains how each influences the development of the strategy.

Giving speeches

Who is one public speaker that you admire (someone famous or someone you know)? Why? How can you emulate that person the next time you have the opportunity to give a presentation? Explain one way you might include that skill or characteristic in your team Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation .

What is an expository essay

Construct an expository essay. Include the following: A title page An introduction and a thesis statement A body with supporting evidence and in-text citations A conclusion. I already have the thesis statement. It is The oil prices are artificially controlled and have little to do with supply and demand.

Critical path: PERT Calculation

A project whose critical path has an estimated time of 820 days with a variance of 225 has a 20% chance that the project will be completed before day ________ (rounded to nearest day). a) 833 b) 807 c) 1009 d) 689 e) 631 Explain in one sentence why please

Assistive devices

Describe assistive device that has been developed for people with a specific physical disability. What physical limitations does this disability create? How does the device work to overcome these limitations? What risks are associated with this technology? What options were available to a person with this disability before the i

Strategic Issues of Starbucks

Identify several companies that have demonstrated strategic thinking about issues that are similar to those faced by Starbucks. Provide an overview of the issues, and identify a total of five different strategies utilized by those companies to address them, and discuss the outcomes. Based on the five strategies, explain how

Cost-management for Wild West Fashion

Wild West Fashion expects the total costs of goods sold to be $30,000 in November and $60,000 in December for one of its young adult suits. Management also wants to have on hand at the end of each month 10 percent of the expected total cost of sales for the following month. What dollar amount of suits should be purchased in Nove

Business strategy and analysis: Handheld Corporation

1. Describe the strategy that you will use and defend why you think that strategy will work. Draw on accounting, marketing, finance and strategic management concepts for your decisions. Show tables and charts/graphs to illustrate your solutions/decisions. Explain your strategy. Thus your strategies in approaching this decisio

Walter Company

The Walter Company disburses checks every two weeks that average $200,000 in total and take three days to clear. How much cash can the Walter Company save annually if it delays the transfer of funds from an interest-bearing account that pays 0.04 percent per day for these three days?

Strategic Analysis and Selection of Information Systems

Using these articles: Collaborative Computing and True Enterprise Architecture Is Still Two Years Away, B2B: Execution of the Concept Is Key to Success,, Explain the relationship between business strategy and IT strategy. Were

Determine a regression model for Italian Deep Dish Pizza.

The owner of the original Italian Pizza restaurant chain would like to predict the sales of his specialty, deep dish pizza. He has gathered data on the monthly sales of deep-dish pizza at his restaurant and observations on other potentially relevant variables for each of his 15 outlets in central Pennsylvania. Please see the att

Truck Company Maintenance Costs: Multiple Regression

A trucking company wants to predict the yearly maintenance expense (Y) for a truck using the number of miles driven during the year (X1) and the age of the truck (X2 in years) at the beginning of the year. Please see the attached file, note that each observation corresponds to particular truck. a. Formulate and estimate a multi

Linear regression model on minimum wage

The attached file contains observations of the American minimum wage during each of the years from 1950 through 2004. Has the minimum wage been growing at roughly a constant rate over this period? Use simple linear regression analysis to address this question. Explain your results.

Exposure to exchange risk

2. Midwestern Bank has lent $10 million to finance an equipment sale to Thailand by Lasertech, a major exporter located in Michigan. Both loans are priced in U.S. dollars. a. Is Midwestern's loan to Lasertech exposed to exchange risk? Explain. b. Suppose Midwestern has lent money to Lasertech secured by the general credi

Strategic Alignment

Submit an analysis of your plan examining the degree of alignment between the organization's proposed published values and: ? The leaders/managers treatment of internal stakeholders ? The internal stakeholders treatment of one another ? The organization's treatment of external stakeholders ? The organization's short-term pla

Strategic Initiative

In the attached document, identify a strategic initiative discussed in the organization's annual report and answer the following questions in approximately 400 words (an idea would be the closing of their German and Korean operations) 1) How will this strategic initiative impact sales? 2) Describe how these risks which are a

Al Gore and Apple Computer

What advantages might former Vice President Al Gore enjoy regarding his addition to the board of directors of Apple Computer? What advantages might Apple expect? On the other hand, what would the disadvantages be for either party?

Choose a prevention strategy, and explain how it is applicable to child abuse.

Suggest a solution for resolving this issue or lessening the problem. Answer the following questions: o How might your suggested solution be affected by social policies or government regulations? o How would you address potential obstacles to the implementation of your solution? o What new programs or services might

Fallacious Arguments; List types, purpose and effect of use to the listener.

What are some of the types of fallacious arguments that people often use? What type do you find yourself using most often? What is the purpose of using fallacious arguments and what is the effect the use of them has on the listener? There are numerous fallacies that people use in arguments, such as appeal to emotion, appea

Constraint, operation management

This will be our group discussion, which is used for preparing exam , but not assignment. Ray company produces two different metal component used in medical equipment (component X and Component Y ). The company has three processes: molding, grinding, and finishing. In molding , molds are created, and molten metal is poured

Evolution of Business Presentation

I need help in creating a 10 to 15 slide presentation describing the evolution of business. I need to use examples and appropriate visuals to illustrate each phase of business. Include information about the following points: Feudalism, Mercantilism, Capitalism, Commerce, Property rights, the Industrial Revolution. Including