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Strategy and Business Analysis

Analyze Jane Goodheart's business operations

See case file attached. Jane Goodheart established and ran a small workshop that manufactured costume jewelry reproductions of well-known jewelry masterpieces by Faberge and other famous designers, plus antique pieces of Etruscan, Russian, Egyptian, Chinese and French jewelry. She marketed these creations to museums across th

Studying Changes in Demand and Elasticity Coefficients

1. The demand in Japan for new automobiles is elastic and sensitive to market prices. Given that, describe the effect of each of the following on the quantity demanded or the demand for new autos in Japan. Indicate whether the effect of each is an upward or downward movement along a given demand curve or instead involves an outw

Discuss: Company Motivational Profile

Analysis of Comcast: Prepare a response representing the following information: Consider what makes working for this company a positive experience for its employees. What is the essence of its approach to motivation? How does it combine the use of various motivational techniques to be successful? How is the combination of

Alternatives for Kudler: increase long term value; staffing and customer service

Please give me at least two alternatives to evaluate that Kudler Fine Foods must consider to realize increased long term value. Describe structural, leadership, and cultural considerations that must be incorporated into strategy implementation Explain key success factors for monitoring and evaluating performance deviation

Multivaritive techniques

My company sells candy bars, candy, health bars, gum, mints, etc. 1-2 pages Provide an example of any existing company, in any industry, which has used each of the following-factor analysis, cluster analysis, and multidinensional scaling. Briefly describe the difference between each technique. 1-2 pages For my co

Gross Domestic Product Calculation.

"How is Gross Domestic Product - GDP calculated using the expenditure and the income approach? What are some shortcomings of GDP as a measure of economic well-being? What is the LATEST data for REAL GDP from quarter 2/2009?"

Trading-down strategy for luxury automobiles

For years, Ferrari has been known as the manufacturer of expensive luxury automobiles. The company plans to attract the major segment of the car-buying market who purchase medium-priced automobiles. As Ferrari considers this trading-down strategy, what branding strategy would you recommend? What are the trade-offs to consider

Business Decisions for Financial-Interests

When business decisions are guided purely by self or financial-interests, the company and leaders usually end up in trouble with the ethics committee and/or legal arena," a valid point. There are many organizations that are altruistic in their approach to a balance of ethics in business, their employees, and their shareholders.

Enterprice Transformation

What is enterprise transformation? What role does leadership have in the transformation process? What are the greatest challenges one might encounter through the process?

Demand for small automobiles

3. What effect will each of the following have on the demand for small automobiles such as the Mini Cooper and Smart car? a. Small automobiles become more fashionable. b. The price of large automobiles rises (with the price of small autos remaining the same). c. Income declines and small autos ar

Strategic and Operational Challenge

In 600-words please read the case study below and and the 4 questions listed. 1) What was the strategic and operational challenge facing the organization's 7 managers. 2) What was the decision they made? 3) How did this decision work out? 4) Comment on recent global developments affecting Google in China. This requires

How can you eliminate/minimize torts in the workplace?

Torts are civil actions for claims other than a claim based on a contract. What torts might potentially affect the workplace? What actions could be taken in the workplace to eliminate or minimize the effect of the torts you identified?

37. A regional commuter airline selected a random sample of 25 flights and found that the correlation between the number of passengers and the total weight, in pounds, of luggage stored in the luggage compartment is 0.94. Using the .05 significance level, can we conclude that there is a positive association between the two variables?

37. A regional commuter airline selected a random sample of 25 flights and found that the correlation between the number of passengers and the total weight, in pounds, of luggage stored in the luggage compartment is 0.94. Using the .05 significance level, can we conclude that there is a positive association between the two varia

difference among types of gasoline

42. Martin Motors has in stock three cars of the same make and model. The president would like to compare the gas consumption of the three cars (labeled car A, car B, and car C) using four different types of gasoline. For each trial, a gallon of gasoline was added to an empty tank, and the car was driven until it ran out of g

Graphical Analysis for Maximizing Profit

See the attached file. Graphically analyze the following problem: Maximize profit = $4X + $6Y Subject to: X + 2Y (less than or equal to) 8 hours 6X + 4Y (less than or equal to) 24 hours (a) What is the optimal solution? (b) If the first constraint is altered to X + 3Y (less than or equal to) 9, does the feasibl

Quantitative Analysis of LP Formulation

7-23, Consider this LP formulation Minimize cost = $X + 2Y Subject to: X + 3Y >90, 8X + 2Y >160, 3X + 2Y >120, Y<70, X,Y >0 Graphically illustrate the feasible region and apply the isocost line procedure to indicate which corner point produces the optimal solution. What is the cost of this solution?

Optimal ordering quantity

6-42, Georgia Products offers the following discount schedule for its +- by 8-foot sheets of good-quality plywood: Home Sweet Home Company orders plywood from Georgia Products. Home Sweet Home has an ordering cost of $45. The carrying cost is 20%, and the annual demand is 100 sheets. What do you recommend?

Maintaining Safety Stock

6-37, The demand for barbecue grills has been fairly large in the past several years, and Home Supplies, Inc., usually orders new barbecue grills five times a year. It is estimated that the ordering cost is $60 per order. The carrying cost is $10 per grill per year. Furthermore, Home Supplies Inc., has estimated that the stocko

Unit Costs and Demands

6-36, Ralph fanaro simply does not have time to analyze all of the items in his company's inventory. As a young manager, he has more important things to do. The following is a table (see the attachment) of six items in inventory along with the unit cost and the demand in units. (a) Find the total amount spent on each item du

Null and Alternative Hypothesis at WidgeCorp

WidgeCorp became the market leader in snack foods after acquiring a rival company, Company W. Their management style and business decision-making differed. Employees at WidgeCorp collected relevant data and through statistical analysis used this information to draw conclusions and make appropriate recommendations. Company W tend

Quality tools

I need to address what quality tools would be recommend to collect and present data to the VP of Huffman Trucking for a type of quality improvement process targeting truck/trailer accountability, using a GPS tracking technology for Huffman Trucking company Attached is the information about the company as well as some back

Explain and discuss the limitations of traditional strategic choice models

Explain and discuss the limitations of traditional strategic choice models, particularly in terms of rational choice assumptions and assumptions about control and predictability. You may wish to compare and contrast traditional strategic choice models with extended strategic thinking models based on organizational learning and s

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