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    Kudler Fine Foods Service

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    Define problems versus issues. Relate a specific problem and issue to the Kudler fine food example.

    How does the local, state, or national economy affect your business or place of work? Are there businesses that are relatively recession- or depression-proof? Why or why not? Are there businesses that may not prosper to the same extent as others during an economic boom? Why or why not?

    Why do traditional banks perceive the financial risk to be greater among small businesses? If you wanted to start a small business what are ways to secure financing? What are the pros and cons of these alternative funding solutions?

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    //The given discussion paper is based on the various business concepts. These concepts are related to the business process, as well as, the business environment. In this series, the first section of the paper describes the difference between the concept of problem and issues in relation to the Kudler fine foods corporation.//

    Problem versus Issues:

    Problems and issues are somewhat related terms in regard to the business, but there is a difference between both these terms. The problem is a kind of obstruction in the achievement of any objective. It is a type of condition, which is not yet solved and thus, delays the work. On the other hand, the issue is a kind of substitute for problem. This is used in a wider sense in business organizations. The issue is a disputed question, which is required to be settled for the business's long run success. There are some differences between both the concepts.

    A problem is a more negatively viewed aspect, while issue is not taken in much of a negative sense. The problems can be solved easily, but the issues expand in an enormous manner till they are settled. The problems can be fixed in a rapid manner, but the issues consume a lot of time to be put into place (Ryall & Craig, 2003).

    This can be made comprehensible with the help of description of a company. Kudler Fine Foods is a global business organization. The company while working in the international market confronts several business problems and issues. There is one significant problem with the company that it wants to provide various food varieties to the customers, but due to excessive inventory, it has to face the problem of storing the perishable food items. This is a kind of problem for the corporation. On the other hand, there is a strategic issue with the company that, Kathy is the only person in the organization, who has to participate in all the business affairs of the company. This makes her unable to manage the entire things efficiently. This is a big issue for the firm, which cannot be solved within in a short period ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 1332 words with references.