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Modularity and product platforms

Define and distinguish between modularity and product platforms. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of each.

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//While writing this paper, we will go through different articles and books related to the product design. We will start with the significance of these strategies in the present scenario and then we will focus on the difference between modularity and product platform.//

Every organization regardless of its field and size has a major concern to the operations management, which is a part of business related to the production and manufacturing of goods and services. It deals in the management of the alignment of products and services according to the requirements of the customers. Under the operations management, we deal with two important aspects and these are modularity and product platforms. Modularity is the extent to which a product or an organization is comprised of comparatively independent but interrelated parts or components. On the other hand, product platform is a general formula, design, or a multipurpose product, upon which a line of products are built from time to time.

In case of product platform, the main focus is on the variety of the product and customization of the product, whereas in case of modularity the focus is on ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 781 words with references.