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Target Market Promotion

Name 1 target market you believe your selected company should focus on with its promotional efforts.
Discuss the following with your colleagues:
What primary message would you highlight for your specific target market, and why?
Name 2 communication platforms you would suggest, and why.
For example, would search engines be a consideration, social media sites, or traditional advertising options?
Discuss your choices and how they match your target markets.

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- The target market for your product would be specific. If you tell me what your selected company is, I can modify this answer. I'll use an example here, since I have no way of knowing what company you selected.

The target market of Pepsi is the young generation, between the ages of 14 to 30, including males and females. Their target market includes middle to upper class persons, both married and unmarried. The market includes school, college and university students, and the company also places emphasis on restaurants, hotels, and stores in their target market.

The ...

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The solution provide a detailed discussion of a company's target market selection, primary messages to the market, and communication platforms. The solution is based on a beverage company (Pepsi) but can be easily adaptable to any selected company.