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Strategy and Business Analysis

Corporate goals

Being able to articulate corporate goals and objectives is a key management skill. Develop an exercise for your management training program that challenges the participants to restate the goals of other companies, in practice for articulating those of Washington-Jones. Find three organizations that have corporate goals or obj

The Card Company

Create a strategy looking for a succinct, but powerful 150 or less. on what the S cards trying to accomplish. See attached file for full problem description.

3-5 slides, with speaker notes, plus one page

No problem, Thanks again. I have another one I want to look over, do you want it too? Part One: I will place it in the powerpoint but I will need it in a word format with the notes , I also need APA formatted references. Part Two: Word Document one page you will see the different parts below. Also take your time I

Prioritization process

A common prioritization process involves a matrix to make pair-wise decisions when the list of choices is difficult. The pair-wise decision-making grid for a list of ten items might look like the following: 1-2 1-3 2-3 1-4 2-4 3-4 1-5 2-5 3-5 4-5 1-6 2-6 3-6 4-6 5-6 1-7 2-7 3-7 4-7 5-7 6-7

Inquiries regarding Global Business...

In your own words, based on education and experience, please respond to the inquiries... A. What factors should be considered in choosing a strategic alliance partner? B. What are 3 basic ways of managing a strategic alliance? C. What are the potential problems of strategic alliances? D. Why would an organization de

Public Relations Campaign

I am trying to develop a public relations campaign for a financial services company which will provide services to customers via the internet as well as have regional offices in 5 states. My campaign is dealing with security issues which are associated with operating on the internet, and I need to know: What does an executive

New Product Development

New Product Development Water Play Inc. ? Shark Scout Explorer Managerial Accounting Eleventh Edition Garrison and Noreen The company's engineers have just designed an underwater recreational vehicle combining scuba diving and jet skiing. It will allow individuals to explore underwater areas previously accessible only wi

Service Center catalogs, Bushtrack catalogue

A Service Catalog defines the specifics of a service center's mission, down to the level of performance metrics and budgeting concerns. Unfortunately, many service centers do not actively maintain their service catalogs nor fully develop them. The result can be chaos for both managers and employees.Bushtrack catalogue Downloa

Types of Businesses and Method of Payments

You and a friend decide to open a small business, with a storefront and Internet site. Which form of business would choose to operate - partnership or corporation and what advantages are there for your choice? You must decide what method of payment you are willing to accept for your products and services. Discuss what methods


Why do we align tactical objectives with the chosen strategy?

Identifying your intent of a presentation

Imagine you have a meeting with the CEO and other officers of a company that invests in distance learning startups. your objective is to obtain a loan for a distance learning company that you would like to start and you have mentor you can turn to for help. using a business tone and format compose a 2-3 page letter that would be

Principles of Business

Can you help me get started on this assignment? Think of different supervisors you've worked for. If possible select two: one who shows what you believe are the best qualities of a good manager and one who shows the worst. Write a description of each supervisor. Include in your answer a general description, the managers'

Measuring a Strategy

Please help me with an assignment by answering the following: How do you develop a way of measuring a strategy? Give an example.

Business Strategies

Which type of corporate strategy deals with the industries or markets in which the firm competes through its products and business units? Is it cooperative, portfolio, functional or directional strategy? Unfortunately, my text does not provide any information on these strategies, but my assignment asks this question. I have sear

Net Profit, net loss

I would like to know the logic and various ways of defining net profit and loss include and beyond the calculation. --- HiTech currently sells the HiTech camera for $1,000, and earns a 22% margin on each unit sold. Additionally, the credit card issuer charges a $5.00 fee on each transaction processed. Please explain your

Portfolio theory

1. Supposed you invest $400,000 in government bonds and $ 600,000 in the market portfolio. what is the return on your portfolio if bonds yield 6 percent and the market risk premium is 8.6 percent? what does the return on this portfolio imply for the expected return on individual shares with betas of 0.6? (The step of calculat

Additional strategy for challenge

What additional strategy (or variation on a given strategy) would you recommend to a key decision maker to solve the challenge given? A coffee shop (Example Starbucks, any) deciding to offer new creative products (drinks)

Quantitative Analysis Sample Quest.

1. Crosstabulation of responses from readers of newspaper comic strips produced the following frequency distirbution of age categories and favorite comic. Discuss what the frequency distribution reveals about the relation between age and favorite comic. (see chart in attached file) Multiple choice 2. Ten policyhold

Queuing Analysis:M/M/1 Model

The ticket booth on the Tech campus is operated by one person, who is selling tickets for the annual Tech v/s State football game on Saturday. The ticket seller can serve an average of 12 customers per hour; on average, 10 customers arrive to purchase tickets each hour. Determine the average time a ticket buyer must wait

Question on an entrance strategy?

What additional strategy (or variation on a given strategy) would you recommend Starbucks to entering a new market? e.g. (India, etc.) Prepare a 350-word memo advocating your recommendation.The solution has only Book reference.

Product Policy:

P. 2 The conference is moving into its fourth week. Over the past three weeks, you and your colleagues each have developed most of the components of a Strategic Marketing plan. Now it is time to put the pieces together into a rough draft, and in your small group, provide feedback to each other. Your 7-8 page rough draft shoul


Provide a discussion of how other companies have approached metrics problem.

Business factors

Which are the main political risk factors that could jeopardize business operations?

Quantitative approaches

25. The vice president of Harling Equipment needs to select a new director of marketing. The two possible candidates are Bill Jacobs and Sue Martin, and the criteria thought to be most relevant in the selection are leadership ability (L) , personal skills (P) and administrative skills (A) The following pairwise comparison matrix

Delta Airlines

Hello: I am presently doing a class in Management - Influence and Power - Leadership I am in the process of writing a 15 page document describing a current environmental situation describing specific issues for leaders in the 21st century. I have chosen Delta Airlines and the ongoing issues with Pilots as my topic. In thi

OR: Assignment problem constraint

The assignment problem constraint x31 + x32 + x33 + x34 <= 2 means a. agent 2 can be assigned to at most 3 tasks. b. agent 3 can be assigned to at most 2 tasks. c. a mixture of agents 1, 2, 3, and 4 will be assigned to 2 or less tasks. d. there is no feasible solution.