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Great Strategists

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//Sun Tzu is the great historian in the pages of history as the person supplied great contribution through his valuable theories. The paper requires including three statements that are helpful in ascertaining the fact that the person was really a great strategist and provided immense help at the time of military thinking.//

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The imprints of Sun Tzu can be observed in the pages of the history. The person's quality of ideas can be measured by including this instance. The instance states that the emperor of Wu carried out some practices in order to test the skills of Sun Tzu. The king ordered the person to guide the harem of the one hundred and eighty concubines into trained soldiers. The person behaved in a very rational manner by separating them into two companies and naming these two concubines that are favored by the king as the commanders of the company. The task was really difficult but the person finished it with success with the approach ...

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The response addresses strategies and tactics developed by individuals in history in 732 words with references.