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Almanac of American Politics

Assignment Instructions

Using information from the Almanac of American Politics or other respectable sources, prepare a memorandum that demonstrates:
1. Your knowledge of Senator Harry Reid.
2. An understanding of the Nevada electoral landscape.
3. Most importantly, a detailed discussion of all of the types of research you think a Gibson campaign will need to undertake if he decides to becomes a candidate.

Don't hesitate to raise questions that may make this professional actor uncomfortable but which you believe will need to be addressed before an announcement of candidacy. This request has come to you today and you have been told Mel Gibson wants to announce in 90 days or so. Do your best to outline a timetable for the research activities you would recommend Mr. Gibson should take in a pre-announcement stage. The objective is to provide a road map on how this neophyte candidate should manage his research resources.

In developing your memo, you should also address the following:
1. The candidate's real and perceived strengths and weaknesses.
2. The incumbent's real and perceived strengths and weaknesses.
3. Any lessons from past Reid races?
4. The potential issue landscape.
5. The impact of presidential election.

While your memo is arguably an exercise in speculation, the challenge is to use facts to support your claims. Don't hesitate to reference past statements made by either of these individuals to illustrate your advice or suggestions.
There is no minimum length required for this memo but it should be as comprehensive as possible.

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//As per the requirement of the paper, the part below explains about the Senator Harry Reid and also about what research activities should the neophyte candidate Mel Gibson should carry out//

Date: 19 January 20xx
From: XYZ
Subject: American politics

Objective: Find out the political role for Mel Gibson & Harry Reid.


Harry Reid is a senior Senator from Nevada in the United States of America. He is from the Democratic Party and is the leader of the Senators in the Democratic Party. Presently, for the 2010 elections Henry Reid is the front runner from the Democratic Party. His major competitors in Nevada from the Republican Party are Danny Tarkanian and Sue Lowden. He has also spent a million dollars to introduce himself again to the voters in Nevada. He has also been criticized a number of times for his self ameliorating diplomacy. He needs to put many efforts to compete with these competitors though Democratic Party has a favorable response in Nevada (Harry Reid, 2009).

The Gibson campaign should undertake full research to analyze what can be the effective tools that can be utilized to motivate people to vote for him as he is a totally new person in politics. ...

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