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Strategy and Business Analysis

Dependent variables in the workplace

Using the example of NI = [U*(P-VCu)] - FC, NI is a dependent variable and the rest are independent. What this means is, the answer to Net Income depends on what the values are for Units, Price, Variable Costs per unit, and Fixed Costs. Identify at least three variables in the workplace whose value is dependent on the value

Strategic practices of the recording studios

A. If you were a recording artist, would you be happy with some of the strategic practices of the recording studios? Would you feel comfortable signing a recording contract with studios engaging in any of the practices? B. Which, if any, of the practices of the recording studios do you view as unethical?

Simulation of free throws

Shaquille O'Neal is not particularly good at free throws. He makes about 50 percent of his free throws over an entire season. Set up a new worksheet to simulate 100 free throws shot independently by a player who has probability 0.5 of making each shot. In column A, keep a record of the attempt number by generating integers 1, 2,

Caterpillar's Strategic Vision

Read Illustration Capsule 2.1 in attached file. How would you rewrite/restate the strategic vision for Caterpillar in Illustration Capsule 2.1 so as to exemplify the characteristics of effective vision statements? Visit to get more information about Caterpillar and figure out how a more appropriate strateg

Companies Who Have a Heart

Minimum of 350 words and include citations and references to support your offering. Wikipedia is not accepted as a valid resource. I like the 'technology with a heart' terminology. Do you think organizations, especially in this type of economic downturn, put heart into their organization at all? Explain the pros and cons for

Issues in Risk Analysis

Issues in Risk Analysis Urgent help is needed! No more than 400 words Introduction: Risk is ever present in business. A manager takes risks in the hope of making a profit, usually by trying to forecast future prices and investing his money. However, the outcome is uncertain. Task: ?Explain the relation between uncert

Simulation: Frequency Distribution Problem

Assume a "1" means heads came up. A) Graph the cumulative % heads. For example, say the first flip comes up heads. The % heads is 100%. If the second flip comes up tails the cumulative % heads is 50%. If the third flip comes up tails the cumulative % heads is 33%. 2) What is the "average" number of heads. 3) Look at t

Business development needs for the IT department

Please draft in 250-300 words: develop a policy statements to articulate the corporate businesses requirement on terms of specific business development needs for the IT department [Riordan Manufacture in particular] *** (develop policy statements for business development needs ) *** if applicable please show reference

Are other cultures as individualistic as the US

When looking at different cultures, are others as individualistic as the US? Give examples of those cultures that are similar and those that are different. Include citations and references to support your offering. Wikipedia is not accepted as a valid resource.

Satyam: what are the strategic and environmental issues. What happened?

Question- Tell us what you know about Satyam. Please give general information about the company. Then indicate what happened? What strategic and environmental issues are of importance here? What is its significance for the US and for US industry. I'm deliberately keeping my questions unstructured, so your answers will reflec

Value of a product offer

1. Which is the better product, what you get at a community college, or what you get at Harvard? Explain 2. How can you make a product better? (Make people think it is better. Explain 3. Is a better "quality" product perceived as an overall better product by consumers? Explain how.

Farquart Focus Capacity Question: June Forecast and March Demand

For the first five months of the year, demand of Focci has been 14, 23, 12, 17 and 18. Farquart Focus has a focus forecasting system (naturally) using just two forecasting techniques. The first is a two-period moving average and the second is simply that this period's demand will equal last period's. Farquart uses the MAD for th

Organization Stakeholders Opposing Interests

Organizations are complex systems with multiple stakeholders. Sometimes the interests of various stakeholders can conflict. Please give an example of a business process where the interests of two (or more) stakeholders are in opposition.

Economic Equilibrium

Since the September 11th attack, there has been an increase in the demand for security personnel-police, air marshals, airport security, etc. How do you think the higher demand has affected the equilibrium wage? In which direction do you think the labor supply and demand shifted? Explain your reasoning.

Tobacco Taxation: levied on producers or consumers

I have a few questions about tobacco taxation: Is the tax levied on producers or consumers? How does the tax affect supply and demand? How does the tax affect the equilibrium price and quantity? In this market, describe a hypothetical situation where a price ceiling or floor could be imposed. What implications would

Excel simulation model using crystal ball sensitivity

I am having a hard time getting this set up. Any help would be appreciated. I know how to get Crystal Ball to run..but have problems doing the initial spreadsheet setup. We have an airline trip from point A to point B. Tickets sell for $150 Plane holds 100 people Each seat incurs $30 variable cost $8000 to cost an emp

Quantitative Decision Tree - Property Purchase Strategy Case

See attached for a full description. I need help with the formulation and to develop a decision tree and Managerial Report with finding and recommendation based on the information given on the attached file and questions 1, 2, 3, & 4. This is for an assignment for my course on Decision Analysis (12th edition "An Introduction t

How to deal with a legacy strategy

The president that you're reporting to is a holdover from before the acquisition. He has some vested interest in the previous strategy, such as it is. How would you handle the delicate situation of dealing with the president and his legacy strategy? Describe the role of corporate governance in strategic decision-making.

Negotiation Strategy Article Analysis

Hi, I need help to get started in analyzing this article. Negotiation Strategy Article Analysis Using the Internet, find at least two articles that describe a negotiation situation that employs different negotiation strategies. Describe the negotiation processes used in your selected articles. Compare and contrast th

Discussion questions: Environmental scan of Pfizer

Can you help me discuss the following concepts/analytical methods as they relate to a strategic plan? Balanced Scorecard Organizational Network Analysis Tipping Points Five Force Analysis Level Five Leadership Blue Ocean Strategy Knowledge Management Change Management Business Concept Innovation

Maximizing Profits for the Hickory Cabinet and Furniture Company

The Hickory Cabinet and furniture company produces sofas, tables, and chairs at its plant in Greensboro, North Carolina. The plant uses three main resources to make furniture : wood, upholstery and labor. the resource requirements for each piece of furniture and the total resources available weekly are as follows:

Which technological change has had the largest effect on life in this country?

Technology and the changes it brings can have a very big effect on our lives. Which technological change has had the largest effect on life in this country? Why? Prepare at least a 350-word essay explaining the technology you have chosen and how it has affected our lives. As you write your paper, remember your essay will be sco

Rucklehouse Public Relations has been contracted to do a survey following an election primary in New Hampshire. The firm must assign interviewers to conduct the survey by telephone or in person.

Rucklehouse Public Relations has been contracted to do a survey following an election primary in New Hampshire. The firm must assign interviewers to conduct the survey by telephone or in person. One person can conduct 80 telephone interviews or 40 personal interviews in a single day. The following criteria have been established

Insurance Company Strategic Sourcing

How do you think they "source" and how would they change the way they do this to better serve their strategies? Strategic sourcing is not a prescription with certain steps. So, I need to specify what they should do to improve their strategies.