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Strategy and Business Analysis

Cross-border competition

1. How can a country's sustainable development policy become a critical factor for the success or failure of any given project? 2. Which are the main consequences of cross-border competition and regulatory cooperation in the transatlantic marketplace? 3. While in the host country, how do I address potential problems related to


What recent legislation has had a direct or indirect impact on they way we provide health care? Which interest group(s) was behind the legislation? Discuss the pros and cons of the legislation.

Pilot Testing, Proposal Solicitation, Ethics and Hypothesis

"Argument" the problems of trading off exploration and pilot testing under tight budgetary constraints. What are the immediate and long-term effects? What, if any, are the differences between solicited and unsolicited proposals? Explain what you think understanding of the role that ethics plays in doing business. Wha

Diversification Strategies

Please help me with these two short essay questions: 1) Explain the benefits of related and unrelated diversification strategies. 2) Explain the reasons why multinational diversification strategies are so attractive.

Skilled Workers

Knowledge workers dominate today's business environment. However, many industries still need workers who do not fall into the category of knowledge workers. What industries still need skilled workers who are not knowledge workers? Can you see a time when these jobs will be replaced by knowledge workers? Can you envision circ

A Discussion of how to Conduct Proper Research

Please address the following questions concerning the subject of research: - Why should there be any question about the definition of research? - Describe the characteristics of the scientific method? - What is business research?

System Cost Problem

An engine manufacturer requires 82 pistons per day in its assembly operations. No shortages are to be allowed. The machine shop can produce 500 pistons per day. The cost associated with initiating manufacturing action is $400, and the holding cost is $0.45 per piston per day. The manufacturing cost is $105 per piston.

Strategies - Daimler-Benz and Chrysler

Daimler-Benz and Chrysler merged in 1997. The merger wasn't the only option available to both companies. How might each company have been affected if they had: 1. stayed the way they were 2. formed a strategic alliance with each other or another car organisation 3. or any other options they could have chosen. Thank you v

Multi server queuing model

Cars arrive at a toll plaza at the rate of 60 cars per hour. There are four booths each capable of serving 30 cars per hour. Assuming a Poisson distribution for arrivals and a exponential distribution for the service time, determine (a) the probability of no cars in the toll plaza, (b) the average length of the line, and (c) THE

Develop a strategy for presentations

Details: Imagine you have been asked to make FOUR presentations on "Effective Presentation Skills" for FOUR very different audiences. What would be your presentation objective for each group? Write an objective statement (also known as "purpose statement") for each of the following audiences (refer to page 15 of the Munter an

Risks and Strategies for a New Project

Suppose your college or organization is considering a new project that would involve developing an information system that would allow all employees and students/customers to access and maintain their own human resources-related information, such as address, marital status , tax information, and so on. The main benefits of the s

Examination of sociocultural and demographic trends in the fast food industry

You are a marketing executive at a fast-food company and have been asked by your supervisor to evaluate the positioning of two of your major competitors, Wendy's and McDonald's. Wendy's has focused primarily on the adult market while McDonald's has fashioned an all-out pursuit of the kid's market (as evidenced by the numerous ad

Risk Assessment of Various Cases

Briefly summarize the 12 case studies attached. From the perspective of project risk assessment, present and discuss your opinion on why they occurred.

Tylenol Product Contamination

1.) Have there been any long-term effects? 2.) Based on the short and long-term effects of the crisis, what could have been done differently to either avoid or better manage the crisis? 3.) How can the company prevent this type of crisis from happening in the future? Grazier has identified six key ingredients that must

The Socializing Organization and Motivating Workers

Check Your Understanding 1. Define the qualities of a motivating job. Discuss skill variety, task identity, task significance, autonomy, and feedback in your response. With which are you most familiar? Discuss your experience. Exercises 2. Quality of Worklife (QWL) programs typically provide flextime, job sharing, an

Technological disasters like Y2K

Review the five categories of technological disasters. give real life examples, of how on a smaller scale each of these categories of disasters might occur and affect any sort of business project. What would be root causes of technological disasters. Give examples of potential threats that might stem from each of these root c

Database Uses in Retail Companies

Analyze the use of database in retail companies. Include what database (Microsoft Access, DB3, Oracle, etc.) applications are used. And propose improvements.

BBC vs. Info R Us

See attached file for full problem description. Dan Kelly works for Info R Us. He enjoyed his position as contract manager for the Big Bell Corporation (BBC) account. Info R Us was the subcontractor to BBC Network Systems who was the seller. BBC Network System had a mega-deal with the Chinese Government for new fiber-optic

Discuss the concept of procurement as being

Discuss the concept of procurement as being "a project within a project." What is a contract liquidated damages clause? What fundamental purpose does it serve? What is one of the biggest problem in its enforcement? Discuss the relationship between standards and specifications in the procurement process. Give an example.

Communications with Chinese in the Context of Business

What would be your communication strategy in dealing with differences as mentioned in this article? How will it vary when dealing with people inside and outside the company? See the article 'Cross Cultural Considerations' by the Alberta efuturecentre here:

American Business Style - Workplace, Leisure Time, or Personal contexts

Read the attached article and answer. I need ideas and suggestions. Thank you: 1. Have you come across traits or behavior patterns cited in the article? You could cite examples from your workplace, leisure time, or other personal contexts. 2. How would you handle such conflicting traits or behavior? How different would