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Case study with independent /dependent variable & hypothesis

I am working on a case study in a nutshell what I a looking at happens at a family gathering. One gentleman is a manager of a small grocery store he speaks with his cousin who supervises a large number of data-entry workers at a public utility company. The cousin share that they are playing background music in the data-entry room, productivity has increased and errors decreased. The grocery store manager thinks this might impact his shoppers to stay the store longer if it was easy listening slow music. The grocery store manager decided to hire a marketing research manager to design an experiment to test the influence of the music tempo on shopper behavior.

I am just having a terrible time with isolation of independent variable(s) versus dependent variable(s) in this scenario.

Any direction would be appreciated. Thank you

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First it would be good to break apart the scenarios. The first is somewhat different from the second.

The first is the cousin. The data entry workers work with increased productivity and fewer errors if there is music playing.

The variables would be the data entry workers, the productivity, the errors, and the music. Each of these elements has an affect on the other variables or is affected by the variables. The question is, who is effected and how. The workers - are they affected by anything? Yes, in this case, the music so that makes them dependent. The music - is it affected by anything? No it is ...

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Case study with independent and dependent variable and hypothesis are examined.