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    Outlining a Possible Study with Independent/Dependednt Variables

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    Fill in the following for a possible study with one independent variable (IV) with two conditions/treatments and a dependent variable (DV) that is measured on a continuous scale (interval or ratio):

    Independent variable = ______________
    Condition A = ______________
    Condition B = ______________

    Dependent variable = _______________

    How do you know this DV is measured on a continuous scale?
    Now, how would you word the null hypothesis for your sample study?
    How would you word the alternative hypothesis for your sample study?
    What alpha level would you set to test your hypothesis? Why?

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    Independent variable = education levelal
    Condition A = higher education level leads to higher income
    Condition B = higher education level does not lead to higher income
    Dependent variable = higher income
    How do you know this DV is measured on ...

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