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    Independent, Dependent variable, Hypothesis: music, shopping

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    Dan was talking to Jim, a supervisor. Jim explained that his company had begun playing background music for the data-entry workers and productivity went up and there were fewer errors. Dan wondered if music within a grocery store might have a similar effect on customers. Would customers shop longer with slow, easy-to-listen-to music playing? Design an experiment to test the influence of music tempo on shopper behavior.

    Indicate the independent variable. What dependent variables might be important in this study? Develop a hypothesis for each of your dependent variables.

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    Independent variable:

    Two music variables come to mind for tempo, type and volume of music

    Tempo of music: easy listening, soft pop, classical, broadway musicals (categories can be customized)
    Volume ...

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    Your tutorial suggests two independent variables and three dependent variables and gives both a null hypothesis and alternative hypothesis.