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1. Please pick ANY Washington-based interest group or advocacy organization.
As the basis of your analysis, what makes for a successful political website. Assess this site in terms of the principles dealing with interactivity, usability, and content. Also, any examples from other Washington-based interest group or advocacy organization websites to illustrate what is lacking would be a plus.

IMPORTANT: For Part 2, include the hyperlink of the organization's Website you chose.

2: Statement Analysis

Assume you are the press secretary to Democrat Senator Joe Smith, who is up for re-election in 2008. You log on to the Web late Friday night to check your email and find a reporter has emailed you asking about the senator's views on the availability of adult videos at Blockbuster stores. He adds that he has unsubstantiated tip from an anonymous source that the Senator's campaign manager, who is also his nephew, has a history of renting XXX videos from a neighborhood store. The reporter says the Washington Post will need a comment for a story that may run on Monday. He would like to speak directly with the senator; his deadline is Sunday night at 6 P.M.

Just yesterday, you were in a meeting with others planning the campaign. The number one concern among all involved is to prevent the opposition from casting the Senator as soft on crime. The senator's fall opponent is the newly retired director (and 30-year veteran) of the FBI's Boston field office, Mrs. Jane Doe. (The opposition research report commissioned by the campaign included a reference to a claim that Mrs. Doe's husband may have rented adult movies at his local video store but the researcher could not confirm the allegation.) The theme of the upcoming Smith campaign is to be: "Senator Smith: Fighting to Put Massachusetts' Families First."


1. Develop a strategy memo advising the senator and the campaign on what steps to take to respond to this inquiry.
2. Explain in detail the approach you think the campaign or the senator should take-from holding a press conference to undertaking an interview to issuing a statement, etc.-to address this inquiry.
3. Explain your reasoning for these steps, the overall strategy, and be detailed in your suggested tactics/timeline.
4. If you argue for the campaign to release a statement, then also draft the statement and add an explanation of why.

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//While writing this paper, a political website has been selected which is analyzed in terms of its features. In the first scenario the important features that are related to political web designing have been highlighted. Also, an example of other website has been illustrated which is lacking behind in the terms of the principles that are stated above. Moving on, there is a second scenario that deals with the case of senator and his nephew which will explained in the coming part//

The Washington based interest group or advocacy organization that has been selected for the analysis is the republican national Committee website. The website focuses on the unemployment rate and the job loss that has taken place in the country in the year 2008. The chairman and the president passed the statement that the economy will get fixed in the year 2009 and the unemployment rate will be below eight percent. But, unfortunately the promises are still empty promises and nothing substantial has been done in order to protect the Americans from job loss. It was estimated that around 20,000 American people lost their job and now facing the problem of recession in spite of having exceptional qualification.

The political site that is "Republican National Committee" has very well interacted with the people and is found to be descriptive in nature underlying all the statements and facts that could help the user in comprehending what the matter is all about and what are the lines meant to say (By the numbers: American's Underemployed, 2010).

The website can be said as user friendly as all the main items are highlighted in bold letters at the upper part and the sub part of them is highlighted in the drop box. This makes the website user friendly where the all the features are provided to the user so that he can address any kind of query which is going in his ...

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