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Strategic Initiative Disney

IN several hundred word plese Describe how the initiative affects the organization's financial planning

This is the site that I plan on using for the initiative

The Walt Disney Company began in the 1920s as the dream of Walter Elias Disney. In these early years, Disney was primarily a cartoonist who created one of the best known cartoon characters of all time. The company evolved over time into commercial products, film production, and eventually amusement parks. Walt Disney World opened in 1984. The leaders of this organization have done well to adapt and continue to grow over time. In August 2009, the Walt Disney Company acquired Marvel Entertainment, another organization well known for its characters, including Spiderman and Iron Man. The strategic decision to make this acquisition seems firmly rooted in the shared strength of the two organizations in branding their products and making the most of the characters they have created. The financial benefits of this merger can be recognized for years to come.

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The merger with Marvel entertainment is an example of horizontal merger by Disney as it allows Disney to expand its product portfolio and offerings by acquiring the characters/brands of Marvel entertainment and thus, expand its market reach, market share, product range and revenues as well as profitability.

The merger is expected to significantly affect the financial planning of Disney. As the company has acquired Marvel in cash plus disney shares, the first major impact is the ...