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    Business Intelligence and Information Evaluation

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    I need help answering the following questions .

    1.How to recognize and extract relevant information?
    2.How to collect information from a variety of sources such as databases, analyze and interpret the information, and draw conclusions to solve problems?
    3.How to use reasoning to analyze and evaluate the relevance, significance, validity and potential applications of information?
    4.How to apply reasoning to resolve a problem, question or issue?
    5.How to used judgment in identifying and evaluating relevant information?
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    Please find my explanation related to the five questions you asked.

    Answer 1
    Recognition of relevant information is based on the skills of the researchers or analysts (Gardner, 2006). In order to recognize and extract the relevant information from the various sources, the researcher should have the attributes of attention, concentration, discipline, organizing, managing, and focusing. Attention and concentration directs the researcher to understand and write down that what kind of information is needed to solve the problem (Gardner, 2006). It is necessary to make an outline and develop a problem statement, which will help to recognize the right information to solve the problem.

    The information can be recognized by evaluating the data from the data warehouse and data mart. Operational data base is also very useful to distinguish important information. In order to extract relevant information from the data base it is essential to assess the authenticity of the sources. The researcher should analyze the effectiveness and authenticity of the relevant information before extracting it (Taylor-Powell & Steele, 1996). The person should have use the concept of business intelligence to extract the relevant information from the accurate documentation of the source.

    Answer 2
    The task of data collection begins after a research problem has been defined and ...

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