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    Strategic Management Assignment: Case Analysis

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    Strategic Management Assignment case analysis.
    Note that I need help providing 4 versions that are completely different, as if 4 different people with different writing styles wrote them.

    Please answer the following questions:

    1- How to create a link between strategy and operations. Try to provide a critical analysis to your approach in establishing this link.

    2- Give an example about this issue from Kuwait business environment.

    For number 2, examples from Kuwait, since not many are familiar with Kuwait Business Environment, you can pick any imaginary firm (Oil Company, Telecommunication company , Food Company and airlines company, etc.).

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    Link between Strategy & Operations

    In the present competitive environment, in which each and every organization is trying to compete with its competitors for the creation of a link among strategy and operations had become quite essential as without this an organization cannot survive in this environment. By establishing a link among strategy and operations, a firm can create a significant position for it along with the development of core competencies and competitive advantage (Stahl & Grigsby, 1997). The creation of a link among strategy and operations is not an easy task and it requires prominent analysis and understanding of strategy as without this it cannot be linked with the company operations.

    Creation of Link between Strategy & Operations
    For creating a link among strategy and execution the capacity to concentrate on, the few critical organizational objectives that comprise an organization's strategy is essential. Exclusive of concentration, all options and organizational objectives will be seen as equally imperative and a great deal energy will be wasted by following low priority ends. On the other hand, by having an ability to concentrate on critical organizational objectives limited resources can be transmitted by the company employees to the degrees of maximum strategic leverage.

    By having a concentration of critical organizational objectives, new approaches in regard to concentration can be used for creating new value. In addition to this, the organization that makes use of a strategy map as a guideline can effectively align its resources, like budgets, IT investments, and human capital, to its strategy and can apprehend reflective performance advances along with a creation of new value. This kind of approach towards organizational strategy can render a firm with value creation but the utmost value creation takes place when strategy is coordinated with organization's operational procedures.

    It's not sufficient for an organization's employees to just enunciate a strategic objective rather it must be ...

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