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MTV Updates its Global Strategy

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MTV prides itself in reinventing itself and developing new products, markets, and strategies so that it stays ahead of competition. Currently, MTV has developed a new strategy for growth and expansion into foreign markets. In the past MTV has depended on developing local programming for expanding into foreign markets. However, since the environment has changed MTV finds that the strategy of developing custom made programs for individual markets costly. It claims that each half-hour episode costs between $200,000 and $350,000. The new strategy that is being developed by MTV seeks to develop shows that have a wider appeal and can be shown in more than one foreign market. This new strategy will have two advantages. First it will enable MTV to cut costs on developing programs, and second the program developers will have larger budgets so that they can develop better programs.

Overall the idea that MTV should go in for programming designed to appeal to more than one foreign market is not new. For instance, there are several US programs that have been adopted for airing in foreign countries. One of the direct benefits that MTV feel it will allow developing programs that were till now avoided because of high costs. The company gives the example of animated programming that is very expensive but now will be possible because of programming designed to appeal to audience of more than one country. MTV feels that with the new strategy, it will be able to target segments across countries, for instance, it will be able to target youth audiences across countries.

The global reach of the Internet has affected the youth market at which MTV is aimed. On ...

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