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    EMS Planning for McDonalds

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    The topic is McDonalds.

    Write a summary that details variables that you will incorporate into your table. These are the three I need to focus on.

    Environmental Factors that effect EMS Planning:

    1. Politics

    2. Financial Markets

    3. Distribution Channels

    Format according to APA 6th edition.
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    Environmental Management System is the management of McDonald's environmental programs in a complete, methodical, planned and recognized manner. It covers McDonald's company structure, strategic directions, and the spending of budget for policies related to environmental protection. McDonald's is a huge chain of restaurants selling hamburgers. It is reputed that McDonald's serves nearly 50 million customers a day. Its main business is to sell hamburgers, chicken products, french fries, cheeseburgers, shakes, and desserts. Throughout its franchisees, affiliates and company held restaurants, the Environmental Management System enables McDonald's to address environmental concerns through allocation of resources, giving of responsibility and through regular assessment of present practices, and processes.


    The implementation of Environmental Management System by McDonald's will be affected by several political factors. The political stability in country where McDonald's is essential for McDonald's to implement its EMS. Consider this, in political unrest, anti-American parties regularly target McDonald's restaurants and vandalize it. In such situations it is difficult to implement its Environmental Management System. Further, high rates of taxation on McDonald's products can hamstring the implementation of Environmental Management System by ...

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