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    Transformation plan for the Company BP (British Petroleum)

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    Create a transformation plan for the Company BP (British Petroleum). I need help with the following section.

    The environmental management plan details the company's adoption of an EMS that ultimately leads to ISO 14001 certification. This section must include a description of the planning process, an outline of the EMS, ISO 14001 requirements, and a discussion of how the system will be measured.

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    //The paper describes the transformation of British Petroleum. The paper touches the aspects regarding the adoption of EMS in the organization. Along with this, the requirements for the ISO certification are also enlisted in the paper.//

    British Petroleum

    British Petroleum is a renowned energy company. British petroleum enjoys the status of being the third largest company in the energy sector all over the world. As per the investigation of the magazine Mother Jones, British Petroleum was listed in one of the top ten companies having bad practices. These bad practices were in respect of the human rights and the environmental policies. It is regarded as the most polluting company and has been fined heavily in this regard. There are large numbers of oil spills that are credited in BP's account.

    EMS ISO 14001 and British Petroleum

    From the last five years, there is a new trend emerging in the corporate world. This is "EMS". Developing an Environmental Management System is an area of prime concern for the organizations these days. Environmental Management System, at the grass root level, can be defined as an internally designed protocol ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 760 words with references.